Ashika Island is full of keys and secret locations full of loot. Here’s how to use the Water Pump Control key.

DMZ mode is full of mystery thanks to its many secret locked locations and containers. The survival-based mode has players traversing a dangerous map in an attempt to collect loot, complete faction missions, and find keys for these mysterious spots. One of those keys is the Water Pump Control key.

Ashika Island is full of locked doors that need a specific key to unlock. The first step, of course, is to get your hands on the key.

The Water Pump Control key is not a guarantee. You'll have to loot locations, containers, and fallen enemies to come across it. Your best bet is to take out a High Value Target. They are more likely to drop special things like these keys.

Where to use the Water Pump Control key

Once you snag yourself this coveted key, you'll need to head in the direction of the Water Pump Control area of Ashika Island. This can be hard to find because there are no coordinates to the Water Pump Control.

The exact spot of the Water Pump Control room is in the northernmost point of Ashika Island. Run up the road from the west and you'll see a small building to your left with a door marked with an X. It's right along the water, covered in a thin layer of fog.

Inside this small room, you'll find the following:

  • A weapon
  • A printed document
  • A key to the Drifted Supply Bag
  • Valuable loot

The printed document is an Intel page, which you can use for certain faction missions. You'll definitely want to extract yourself safely once you find this loot to guarantee you can use it the next time you drop into Ashika Island.

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