There are many keys hidden around DMZ mode’s two maps, including the Crash Site Weapon Case key. Here’s how to find it and use it.

DMZ mode is known for its intense survival-focused gameplay and its keys. There are many, many keys — and they all unlock a special compartment or location. One of these keys is the Crash Site Weapon Case key.

This key is actually easier to get than other keys. A lot of keys are not guaranteed and are dropped at random. But the Crash Site Weapon Case key is a bit more reliable.

How to get the Crash Site Weapon Case key

To guarantee a Crash Site Weapon Case key, you'll need to claim the Make Contact mission before jumping into the game.

This is a Legion faction mission that also rewards you with Double XP Token and 5000 XP if completed before you safely extract. Here's how to complete it:

  • Use your Tac-Map to ping a contract phone
  • Find a contract phone and download the intel

EZ. These phones can be located by zooming into the map a lot, revealing green phone icons. Once you locate a nearby phone icon, head to that area.

The only other way to get the Crash Site Weapon Case key is by opening chests or seeing what enemies drop.

Where to locate the Crash Site Weapon Case

Once you have the Crash Site Weapon Case key, you need to find the case itself.

Head to the center of D-5 in Al Mazrah. The case is sitting below the pipeline in this location, which you can spot by finding a crashed vehicle nearby.

What is the Legion faction in DMZ mode?

There are four factions in DMZ mode, including the newly released Crown. Each come with their own set of missions which become increasingly complex as you unlock each tier.

The Legion is a private military contractor with ties to powerful people in the west. This legion's focus is controlling Al Mazrah but they are maybe not quite ready for this task. They often hire inexperienced operators that try to remain anonymous, hoping their actions aren't traced back to the Legion.

Their missions are all about looting or delivering items to dead drops.

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