A broken down section of London is where you’ll head with the new Grime map for Call of Duty: MW3 Season 3 Reloaded.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has reached the middle of its third season. They call it MW3 Season 3 Reloaded, and with it come new maps, such as Grime.

Before you dive into multiplayer, we've got you covered with Call of Duty's breakdown of its new core 6v6 map. You and your team can prepare and get to know it well prior to dominating.

When does Grime release in MW3?

Grime releases with MW3 Season 3 Reloaded. The Call of Duty update kicks off the month of May for its players. On May 1 at 9 a.m. PT, globally and on all platforms, the mid-season patch with the new map goes live.

Information and tactical overview

Everyone has known that Grime is arriving with the MW3 Season 3 roadmap. This is our first full overview of the battlefield, however. Let's dive in to what you can expect from this London canal locale.

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

The map itself is fairly symmetrical. The area's that extend from the rest of the map near the upper-center are the spawn points. The Call of Duty blog post the gives us a look at Grime in MW3 has a handy interactable map, which allows you to toggle location names, the spawns, and event some objective areas.

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Here are the main points of interest you'll want to know for callouts on Grime:

  • Alley (Kortac Spawn)
  • Arches (SpecGru Spawn)
  • SKN Comm
  • Tower Loop
  • West Dock

The map is loaded with narrow corridors and pathways, but they all lead to open areas and rooms. This provides plenty of chokepoints to set up ambushes, initiate assaults, or have that last stand against the enemy team.

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Tips provided for Grime in MW3 by Call of Duty

With all of that intel trapped within your brain now, you're ready for Grime in MW3. The Call of Duty blog can help you even further, where you can read all of their tips for the map. We've picked a few standouts to share here.

  • Get Dirty: The nastiness of the location isn't the only thing that should be dirty. Play dirty, too. Grime is perfect for those who want to wait around corners with shotguns or hold alleyways with a turret or LMG. Do whatever it takes.
  • Mount Up: The lengthy paths of Grime in MW3 are calling your name. There is a ton of cover available that you can crouch behind and mount your weapon. This allows you to hold down that area while remaining covered, with the accuracy burst of the mount.
  • Underwater Operations: The canal might be a bit disgusting, but go for a swim. You can speed to the surface to surprise an enemy or land, or take out anyone who might have the same idea as you.

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