The best loadout for the Kastov 545 in MW2 keeps the weapon’s top tier damage with pinpoint accuracy to boot.

The Kastov 545 is a somewhat overlooked assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It takes some work to unlock it and there are plenty of viable weapons available in the category from the start. If you're one who has given the Kastov 545 a chance in MW2, however, you'll find its best loadout is quite dominant.

It performs well in almost every statistic. The balance from damage all the way to handling makes it a threatening assault rifle to use at medium ranges. Its perfect for holding down an objective on the MW2 maps with minimal open spaces.

How to unlock the Kastov 545

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If you want to utilize the best Kastov 545 loadout in MW2, you'll have to unlock it. It is part of the Kastovia Weapon Platform. This Weapon Platform hosts some of the most popular and powerful guns in the entire FPS.

First, you will need to use the Weapon Platform's base weapon, the Kastov 762. Obtain it by reaching Military Rank 23 and level it up to 11. This will give you access to the Kastov 545. You can then level it up to collect all of its necessary attachments and to add the Kastov-74u to your arsenal.

Attachments for the best Kastov 545 loadout in MW2

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The following attachments make for a nearly unstoppable Kastov 545 loadout in MW2:

  • Muzzle: Silentfire XG6
  • Barrel: KAS-7 406mm
  • Underbarrel: TV Wrecker Grip
  • Stock: Kastov-rama
  • Rear Grip: Ivanov ST-70 Grip

Modern Warfare 2 has become notorious for its incredible iron sights. Unless you need precision from long distances, the iron sights do just fine on almost every weapon. Therefore, you'll need no Optic for the Kastov 545.

Instead, fill all five slots with helpful attachments to unlock the assault rifle's true potential. It will see a drop in handling, but it is insignificant when compared to the boosted range, accuracy, and recoil control. Its damage and fire rate are already immaculate, and adding the ability to land your shots from even further away is a no-brainer.

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