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Valkyrie Apex Legends Guide: Rule the skies with Valkyrie


Valkyrie is one of Apex’s newest legends. Join us as we break down Valkyrie’s abilities and some useful tips on playing the Winged Avenger.

Do you constantly find yourself having trouble in fights due to positioning or like many of us to a third party that sweeps in to take all your glory? If so Valkyrie, Apex Legends newest character might be the Legend for you!

A basic overview

Valkyrie, the “Winged Avenger” is one of the newer legends to join the Apex Games. While Valkyrie has a first opening season, she isn't the most popular here in season 10. She is able to swoop in and out of fights and reach places that other legends can't come close to. With her unique kit that lets her reach crazy angles Valkyrie is a great pick in both casual and competitive play. She can be unlocked with 12,000 Legends tokens or 750 Apex coins
Valkyrie was introduced in season 9 alongside the Bocek Compound Bow. Valkyrie is unique in that her skillset that gets right to work off of the dropship. As soon as Valkyrie and her squad get off the drop ship, she highlights enemies as you drop giving you the early advantage of knowing if you are in danger or safe to loot.
This also applies to when you use Jump Towers, and when you use her ultimate: Skyward Dive. On top of that, Valkyrie also has the perks of a recon Legend. Meaning that she can scan survey beacons and locate the next circle. So in terms of scouting, Valkyrie is one of the best Legends as she can easily gather information.

The Winged Avengers Abilities

Passive - VTOL Jets

Simply, you get a jetpack. While in the air, by pressing Jump you can activate the jets and propel yourself forward. This can either be set to turn off when you release the jump key or a toggle the ability. While activated you will have a fuel gauge which limits the distance you can fly.
The major downside to the passive is that you can not shoot your guns while in the air. It is also worth noting that the jets are  noisy, so you will not be sneaking up on enemies while in use. Remember however, you can reach new heights with you’re the jets, but your teammates don’t have jetpacks. Using the VTOL jets to charge at enemies is probably not the best idea, as you are unable to shoot for a brief time during and after use. (I can attest to this one personally the sooner you learn that).
The jets are mainly a tool to take positioning advantage rather than to close the distance between you and enemies. Quickly stop and start your VTOL jets while changing directions to make it harder for enemies to shoot you down. This is a form of strafing. And making a quick turn in the air can be just enough to give you the advantage. Setting VTOL jets to hold will  give you faster starting and stopping counts to dodge bullets mid air.  This can be the difference between getting killed or being Champion in a firefight.

Valkyrie's Tactical: Missile Swarm

Valkyrie launches a barrage of 12 mini rockets in a rectangular grid. The missile swarm is a great skill as it damages and concusses the enemies hit. Each missile does 30 damage, and 3 damage more if the same enemy is hit. What makes the ability really stand out is that it can hit people behind cover and the missiles destroy doors. Or in other words, the missile swarm makes Valkyrie great for forcing enemies out of cover.
Valkyrie's Missle Swarm can be devastating. It is great for flushing out players
Valkyrie's Missle Swarm can be devastating. It is great for flushing out players
Rather than for damage, the true use of Missile Swarm is to force enemies out of cover or punish them for being there. This ability is easily dogged so getting a direct hit can be a bit of a challenge, but you don’t always need to connect the missile array.
Additionally, using grenades in tandem with the missile swarm is a great strategy, as the missile swarm disorients enemies when they are hit and the grenade does the real damage. If you do land Missile Swarm your enemies will move slower for a brief period of time giving you time to throw Grenades and Arc Stars with more collateral damage.

Valkyrie's Ultimate: Skyward Dive

With Valkyrie's ultimate, you can carry yourself and any attached teammates into the air to reposition yourself. The skyward dive brings you around the same height as a jump tower, and so it has been dubbed by some as the “Portable Jump tower”. Once you initiate it, there is no time limit to when you have to use it.
You can hold Skyward Dive for however long you need, so if you have a teammate that is lagging behind, you don’t have to worry about leaving them. If you accidentally start it up without meaning to you can push your Ult key again to cancel it for a slight penalty on your ultimate progress
The Skyward dive has tons of uses from the start to the end of a match. It’s main use during the game is to quickly escape a fight when a third party engages or if you are just in a bad position.
You just finished off the last member of the enemy squad and start to loot when a new team shows up to the party? Then just Skyward Dive right out of there. You aren’t ready to fight yet? Pop your ult for a quick escape take high ground or heal up and get back in the fight.
What makes Valkyrie popular and such a important pick in some compositions is her late game repositioning. You can use her ultimate in the final circle to achieve a couple things. First to get a good view of all the teams fighting in the final circle. Second, is simply to stall and reposition.
By flying and gaining tons of height, you force the other teams to fight each other rather than focus the team that is in the air. Then, as the other teams fight, you descent from the heavens onto a more favorable position, as you can see where everyone is, and then rain down hellfire.
As with every Legend the most important thing to remember is it takes practice! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Hop in some matches and prove why Valkyrie is the CHAMPION! Happy hunting!
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Noah Pather
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