Wraith players can be devastating Apex Legends. Here are our tips to mastering the game’s original “sweat” character.

An OG character that has been present in Apex Legends since release, Wraith has always been a fan favorite. Sporting the smallest hitbox in the game, Wraith’s size and aggressive kit have made her an aggro player’s dream. The meta is constantly changing, and new legends arise every season, but Wraith still has more than a 9% pick rate in Season 14. Consistency in high pick-rates has been the name of the game for Wraith.

Why has Wraith always been a fan favorite?

Wraith falls under the offensive legend category. With both strong repositioning and flanking capabilities, Wraith mains are some of the best entry damage players in the game. She can also pull teammates from precarious situations with her portals. This kind of versatility has seen wide use with big name professionals like ImperialHal.


  • Sporting the smallest hitbox in the game, Wraith’s are difficult to hit, especially if they are strafing.
  • Her tactical “Into the Void” is essentially a “get out of jail free” card if used correctly with nearby environment.
  • Her ultimate “Dimensional Rift” allows for entry into a fight with a safe escape or critical repositioning if the ring or fights dictate the necessity to move.


  • Her tactical “Into the Void” takes 1.25 seconds to activate so if a Wraith is taking damage and activates it, they are still vulnerable before the ability is enabled.
  • Her small stature can make her interactions with the environment more difficult. She does not climb as well as some of her larger legend counterparts which can be problematic in certain situations.

Wraith is a viable legend choice for every level of the game. She has been consistently in the top-five legends as far as pick rate is concerned because of how versatile her kit is. This is why you see her in just about every level of play and on every map, particularly King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Solo players can consistently count on Wraith to aid them in being able to rat as well. This is just another reason she is played at so many different levels of the game.

Wraith Tactical: Into the Void

  • Duration: Four seconds with a 1.25 second activation time
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
Apex Legends Wraith
(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Wraith’s tactical is one of the most recognized and best abilities in the game. “Into the Void” is a 4 second ability that causes the player’s screen to go greyscale and they become invulnerable. Wraith gains a 30% speed boost while in the void but cannot interact with certain objects such as doors. Enemies are visible while in the void as shadow-like outlines. Using this ability well can be one of the most devastating ways that a player can engage and disengage opponents in the game. It can also be the difference between getting knocked or staying alive in hectic fights.

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Tips for Into the Void

Tip #1

Use this ability for scouting. With Wraith being the smallest Apex Legend, and having an ability like this, use it to your advantage. A good Wraith main can provide information for their teammates. A tangible example of this would be having Wraith push into a POI first. If done carefully, Wraith can enter a POI and obtain information then phase out with Into the Void if they run into trouble.

Tip #2

One of the best uses for this ability is to deliver entry damage. A good Wraith main will communicate with their teammates and can be used to be the first to deliver damage to opponents. After a fight is initiated and some damage has been done, Wraith can phase back to her teammates allowing her teammates to push forward. Attacking in waves like this is made possible because Wraith can safely escape a fight after it has been initiated with her tactical.

Wraith Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

  • Duration: two-way portal that links two locations and lasts for 60 seconds
  • Cooldown: 3.5 minutes

Wraith’s portal “Dimensional Rift” is one of the best relocation tools in the game. This two-way portal links two locations with a portal on each end. When taken, it shoots players from wherever Wraith started the portal to up to 75 meters away. Players move 5x faster than normal when entering the portal so taking it will relocate them quite quickly. Invulnerability occurs to any player while inside the portal. The portals disappear more rapidly when inside the ring so you cannot count on their usage if you are outside of the ring.

Tips for Dimensional Rift

Tip #1

To use Dimensional Rift aggressively, portal into teams you are attempting to push. Always ensure that the beginning of your portal is in a safe location or at least a covered position. Making a portal from cover into a POI you are pushing is a great way to enter into a fight to do some entry damage or possibly get a knock but still have the safety of coverage to return to. Teams do not know what is on the other end of your portal, so use that to your advantage. Coordinate with teammates about who is taking the portal and when if you are pushing a fight.

Tip #2

Use her portal as a relocating tool late in the game, and change levels with it. As the ring is coming in, Dimensional Rift can be one of the best ways to get from cover to cover. This can be even more beneficial if you are able to portal to an elevated position. Making a portal from a low point to a covered highpoint can quickly turn the tides on opponents. Most importantly, utilize Wraith’s portal to stay out of LOS (line of sight) of your opponents. Teleporting from cover to cover can be the difference in staying alive.

Use the environment to your advantage with Wraith’s portal and change levels with it (Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Tip #3

Dimensional Rift has myriad defensive uses as well. Most notably, a good Wraith will portal her downed teammates to safety. If an opponent pushes into a fight and gets knocked but is in a relatively safe position to not get finished, portal them to some cover where they can be revived. While Wraith is one of the most aggressive legends in the game, her kit can be used to keep her teammates in the game as well. Always make sure the “safe” end of your portal is in a position where opponents cannot see you so that you can stick the revive without getting knocked yourself.

Wraith Passive: Voices from the Void

Voices from the Void is a warning for both you and your teammates about nearby danger. This comes in the form of Wraith’s voice audibly saying when she is being aimed at or when there are enemy traps nearby. This passive helps to warn players of impending danger from opponents.

The main tip for utilizing this passive well is to communicate with your teammates. Let your team know when danger is nearby so that you can plan your next moves accordingly.

What Apex Legends make good teammates for Wraith mains?

Just about any character can benefit greatly from having a crafty Wraith on their team. Aggressive movement players can do well with a Wraith. Octane, Horizon, and Valkyrie are three movement characters that can be great team pushers with Wraith. Before there was such a heavy emphasis on movement in the game, Gibraltar and Wraith together on a team was a very common occurrence. All in all, legends that promote aggression are more often than not the best teammates for Wraith players.

We hope after having read this guide you feel more confident playing Wraith in Apex Legends. For more information on her kit along with some of her character’s lore, visit her Fandom Wiki page.

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