Seer Apex Legends guide: Scan, track and decimate cover image

Seer Apex Legends guide: Scan, track and decimate

Master Seer with our in depth guide.

Seer has been on a journey in Apex Legends. When he was released, he was probably the single most overpowered thing in the history of the game. He scanned, flashbanged, stunned you name it.

Since then, he has been nerfed, buffed and reworked. Seer has gone through waves of popularity and unpopularity. Some of this has honestly been based more on sentiment than his actual power in game.

In the right hands Seer, in his current form, can be an excellent information gatherer and enemy isolator. He suits aggressive players who can generate openings for their team and share the information he provides.

Follow our Apex Legends Seer Guide to master this powerful legend.

Seer screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Seer screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Seer Guide: What makes Seer a good legend?

Seer excels at providing information for his team. He can isolate and execute on enemies, clear out the nearby area and his Ultimate is a really handy way to get the upper hand in a fight.


  • Seer can gather lots of information with his abilities.
  • Heart Seeker Passive is a strong scan ability with no cooldown.
  • Catching someone with your Focus of Attention can help you get an entry in a fight.


  • It can be difficult to catch someone on scan.
  • The Exhibit Ultimate needs to be placed well, or it will be easily destroyed by your enemies.
  • If you're solo queue it can be hard to communicate the information Seer provides easily to your team.
Focus of Attention (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Focus of Attention (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Seer Tactical:

  • Summon micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls silencing and revealing enemies.
  • Creates a cylindrical area of effect in front of Seer which, after 1.4 seconds, hits all enemies inside. The cylinder is 60 meters long and has a diameter of 8 meters.
  • The ability causes the following effects:
    • Applies an 8 second silence, preventing the use of Legend abilities and canceling those already in progress. Enemies who are silenced by Seer are now also highlighted with a threat outline to Seer and his teammates but only when they have line of sight.
    • For the initial 0.5 seconds, affected enemies are also slowed, while their health bars and body highlight are revealed to the squad. Enemies see 'MICRO-DRONES DETECTED' on their HUD.

The Focus of Attention tactical has been the element of Seer's abilities that has changed the most over the seasons. Now, it is less of a scan and more of an isolator. You can stun and silence enemies, with a short scan, in order to close the gap on them and generate opening damage.

Focus of Attention screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Focus of Attention screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Focus of Attention:

Tip #1:

The Silence aspect of the Focus of Attention can be especially powerful. You can use this ability to try and Silence the legend with the most oppressive (or annoying!) abilities. For instance, Bangalore cannot smoke if they are silenced. Perhaps you don't want Caustic to throw anymore Barrels.

Tip #2:

It is important to capitalize when you successfully land a Focus of Attention. The scan and silence don't last that long, so you should get on the front foot before they expire. If you can in range of the enemy during their 0.5 second stun you can get a seriously powerful upperhand.

Tip #3:

The information you can gather on your enemies shields is also very powerful. Especially if you're deciding if you want to push a team inside a building where they cannot escape the area of effect. If you see the team has white armors, and you have red, then you know what is a very easy fight.

Heart Seeker (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Heart Seeker (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Seer Passive:

  • Hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies within 50m when aiming down sights.
  • A circle is displayed around the crosshair while aiming down sights. When enemies are within a 50 meter, 55° cone in front of Seer, their heartbeat is visualized with orange pulsing and a directional indicator.
  • The heartbeat sensor will detect heartbeats through walls within 50m. Beyond that, Seer will need line of sight with the target to detect their heartbeat.
  • At full health, hearts beat every 1.75 seconds. The lower the health, the faster the heartbeat.

The Heart Seeker is one of the most powerful Passive abilities in Apex Legends. Acting as a close range scan, it can help you find enemies. It also acts as a way to aim your Focus of Attention.

Heart Seeker screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Heart Seeker screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Heart Seeker:

Tip #1:

This ability should be used almost the entire game. One of the major benefits that Seer brings is the ability to quickly clear buildings, positions and even scout for rats.

Tip #2:

However, the Heart Seeker isn't quite as secretive as it used to be. For a long time, it was next to silent. This allowed you to sneak up on enemies while completely keeping tabs on where they are. Now, there is a loud and noticeable noise when you use this ability. Bear that in mind when choosing when to scan.

Exhibit (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Exhibit (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Seer Ultimate:

  • Throw range of 15 meters
  • Creates a 35 meter radius sphere, inside of which enemies who are walking, sprinting, or firing weapons are tracked with a footstep marker when walking or sprinting. If enemies fire their weapons, diamond markers will also appear on them for 1.25s.
  • Enemies who are stationary, crouching, or airborne are not revealed.
  • Lasts 25 seconds.
  • The device has 125 HP, and can be destroyed.

Seer's Exhibit is a large sphere that highlights the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within. The size allows you to envelop entire buildings and scan everyone in a sizable location. The heart of the Ultimate can be destroyed.

Exhibit screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Exhibit screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Exhibit:

Tip #1:

The placement of your Exhibit is key. The emitter is very quickly destroyed, so placing it in an open location or nearby enemies is a big waste. Putting it in a secluded spot will ensure you get the full 25 seconds of this Ultimate.

Tip #2:

This ability can absolutely be used defensively. If you need to reset or even just have a team pushing you, getting the Exhibit down gives you the information you need to make those key choices. Do I have time to stick this revive? Battery or Phoenix Kit?

Just bear in mind that enemies walking slowly won't be detected!

Seer in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Seer in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Seer Guide: What legends work well with Seer?

Seer is primarily an aggressive legend. However, like most legends with scan capabilities he can be used flexibly, offering good defensive counterplay when needed.

Aggressive Playstyles:

Bangalore is an excellent combination with any scan legend, and Seer is no exception. Any smokes in the Seer Exhibit will create a very one sided combat situation. Unless of course, your opponent has a digital threat!

Passive Playstyles:

Having either Wattson or Caustic defending a building is very powerful. Adding the extra information that Seer can provide to this can make a position feel almost impenetrable for your opponents.

Seer screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Seer screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Seer is a very powerful legend if you can capitalize on the information he provides. Isolate your opponents, close the gap and grab those kills. Thanks for checking out our Apex Legends Seer Guide.

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