Clone an Apex Predator with our Mirage guide.

Mirage gets a bit of a hard time in Apex Legends. He is a bit of a joke. Not just among the players in the game, but also in the trailers that Respawn release. Mirage has died in every single one. Thankfully, recent seasons and changes to the game have seen Mirage climb from "totally useless" to "probably not that useless anymore." Mirage was swapped from a Skirmisher to a Support legend in the class system, and that was a significant bonus to his playability.

Want to get a few extra tricks up your sleeve? Master Mirage with our Apex Legends Mirage guide.

Mirage holospray (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Mirage holospray (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Mirage guide: What makes Mirage a good legend?

Mirage's abilities are all about deception, confusion and chaos. He can misdirect opponents, disappear in a pinch and overwhelm enemies.


  • Confuse enemies by deploying a gang of Decoys.
  • Mirage is in the Support class, letting your team craft expired banners.
  • Mirage goes invisible when reviving teammates, and the revived player is invisible for a few seconds after they get picked back up.


  • Very experienced players will be less likely to find themselves by Mirage's abilities.
  • His tactical is very weak, and doesn't really impact the game in any meaningful way.
  • Players less than five meters away can see your holo emitters when reviving.
Psyche Out (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Psyche Out (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Mirage Tactical:

  • Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. Press ⧄ to control the decoy.
  • When used, a hologram duplicate of Mirage is sent in a straight line to wherever the real Mirage targeted.
    • When spawned, the decoy will replicate whether Mirage was walking, running, or crouching, and if used in midair will have the same momentum as Mirage. It cannot climb walls or ride zip lines.
    • Upon reaching the targeted location, the decoy stands still and performs the 'inspect weapon' animation unless the player takes control of it.
  • The decoy has 45 HP, and only takes damage from gunfire and melee attacks.
  • When shot, the enemy who damaged it is tracked with a marker for 3.5 seconds. This enemy will see 'BAMBOOZLED' on their HUD.
  • The decoy will also automatically vanish after 60 seconds or manually by deploying another decoy.

Psyche Out is simple. You can send out a Decoy of Mirage, control it, and if you bamboozle any opponents you get a scan on them. This ability has a super low cooldown and can be used very frequently.

Psyche Out screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Psyche Out screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Psyche Out:

Tip #1:

You can also use this ability in the air. It will spawn a copy of your entire team in the flying formation. This can be really useful in ranked. If you don't want to be contested, spamming some extra squads flying in can make a POI seem super hot, and teams might swerve away to avoid a really messy early game fight.

Tip #2:

The decoy can be a great way to test an area, throwing one towards a care package or a specific choke can make enemies shoot and reveal both their location and that they were waiting for you to make a move.

Tip #3:

If you want to really bait your opponents, think about where you would naturally be standing still. Throwing one down to stand near a deathbox for instance, is the sort of situation that your enemies would find believable.

Now You See Me... (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Now You See Me... (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Mirage Passive:

  • Automatically cloak when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates. Spawn a decoy and cloak when downed.
  • When downed, Mirage spawns a decoy that falls to its knees and dramatically pretends to be dying. He also turns invisible for 5 seconds, allowing for a quick escape.
  • When invisible taking any kind of damage will cause you to flicker in and out of cloak.
    • When downed you will not flicker when taking damage, the cloak will be removed completely.
  • When reviving a squadmate and using a Respawn Beacon or Mobile Respawn Beacon, Mirage and the squadmate will become invisible.
    • After a revive, Mirage and his squadmate will remain invisible for 3 seconds, unless they draw their weapons.
  • Mirage’s Holo Emitters are visible to players who are less than 5 meters away while cloaked.
  • Mirage will also flicker if he’s using this ability outside the Ring.

Now You See Me... is probably an underrated ability in Apex Legends. The recent buff that means recently revived teammates are invisible for 3 seconds made this ability far more useful. It gives you the head start on escaping, or lets you grab a quick armor swap.

Now You See Me... screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Now You See Me... screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Now You See Me...:

Tip #1:

If you can, try and escape downwards when you've been knocked and can go invisible. Downed players move pretty slowly, and even with the 5 seconds of invisibility you can't always get very far. Of course, this is situational and won't always be possible.

Tip #2:

You still need to hide yourself well when you are using a respawn beacon. Now that the beacons make a sound and emit a loud noise, people will notice that you are reiving. If you stand in the open you might still get hit by an enemy spraying wildly to find you.

Tip #3:

Movement on dirt and water throws up particles, and can make noise, which can give you away when invisible so try to avoid these where you can.

Life of the Party (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Life of the Party (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Mirage Ultimate:

  • When activated, Mirage summons 5 decoys around him that mimic his movements.
  • Turns invisible for 1 second before deploying decoys. During this time, his Holo Emitters will be visible to players who are less than 5 meters away.
  • Afterwards, Mirage will blink in and out of cloak for 1 second.
  • The decoys have 45 HP.

Life of the Party can cause serious confusion during a fight. It can overwhelm enemies eyes and ears with a range of clones and footsteps. The one minute cooldown means you are almost never going to find yourself without it in any engagement.

Life of the Party screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Life of the Party screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Life of the Party:

Tip #1:

This ability can sometimes work really well if you behave... like a decoy. Running in a straight line, standing still or otherwise just being pretty weird can make your enemies think you're a decoy. Maybe try running into a wall! They won't want to shoot you thanks to the 3.5 second scan that would give them.

Tip #2:

You turn invisible as you activate this ability. All your decoys will copy your movement, so it is best to use that second to quickly change direction. That means if they are tracking the path you were just on, your enemies will first target a decoy.

Tip #3:

Don't use this ability JUST after being scanned by something like Seer's Focus of Attention. You'll still be scanned, and your decoys won't be. This will totally negate the impact. Same thing applies if you are low HP near a Revenant, as they'll also have scans on you.

Apex Legends Mirage guide: What legends work well with Mirage?

Mirage's kit isn't really one that lends itself to any particular style of play better than another. Equally, he doesn't really have any special interactions or benefit from working with certain legends. Here are some generally good legends for each playstyle:

Aggressive Playstyles:

Conduit, Bangalore and Bloodhound all excel in fights. Mirage can be there to add extra chaos, get revives off and craft banners back when needed to keep the fights going.

Passive Playstyles:

Conduit is a great jack of all trades legend for any playstyle. Catalyst and Wattson are both two strong options for going to zone, holding a location down and waiting for end game. If you can make a chaotic final circle, dropping your Life of the Party Ultimate could go crazy.

So look, Mirage isn't a world beater. But, bamboozling someone can be one of the most satisfying acts in all of Apex Legends. There is nothing better than truly fooling someone by running like a bot, then turning around and one clipping them. Give it a try!

Thanks for checking out our Apex Legends Mirage guide.

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