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Five years of Apex: The Best ALGS clutches of all time

The ALGS has seen some incredible moments, here’s our pick for the best ALGS clutches of all-time.

Across the ALGS we have seen some incredible players, personalities and strategies, but the most remembered moments are those critical clutches. A player popping off to save a game, win a match or eliminate a rival when it mattered most.

Players have flocked from other titles to compete in the Battle Royale, and the ALGS officially began just over 6 months after the game released with the Preseason invitational LAN in Poland. We're taking a look back at some of the most memorable and skilful ALGS clutches over the last five years of Apex Legends.

Snip3down comes out swinging in iconic ALGS clutch moment

Snip3down is one of the most iconic esports players, having found great success in both Halo and Apex Legends. Perhaps his most iconic clutch came during the 2021 NA ALGS Championship. Competing with TSM, Snip3down found himself exposed in a tense end circle.

This led to him being fully eliminated. Usually, especially in the final circle, that would have been the end of the road for Snip3down. However, the veteran was not going down so easily.

Using a Mobile Respawn Beacon, TSM were able to get Snip3down back in the fight. Unlike now, players didn't respawn with their armour or weapons. That left only one option.

Bloodhound 'Ravens Bite' Heirloom in hand, Snip3down set to punching his opponents, picking up two kills on KNG in the chaotic end circle. TSM won the game, and had racked up a huge 17 kills in the process.

While everyone remembers this as the iconic Snip3down ALGS clutch, huge credit is also due to Reps. Without his fantastic work with the EVA-8 TSM wouldn't have won the game, and this would have been a far less iconic moment in ALGS history.

Sweetdreams lets the Spitfire sing in Sweden

Next, we're looking back at an incredible solo play from Snip3downs former teammate, Sweetdreams. The then NRG, now Luminosity IGL is famed for his incredible strategy in game and leadership. But at the 2022 Split 2 Playoffs in Sweden it was Sweet's calmness and incredible positioning that helped him kill all three members of Team Unite single-handedly.

Using the then carepackaged Spitfire and Valkyrie's VTOL Jets Sweet dances around the building in Dome, taking the enemies by surprise on three occasions. His ability to stay composed, especially on LAN, is very impressive. His baits his enemies by pretending to escape, only to return each time and continue the fight.

This is perhaps one of the least remembered ALGS clutches on our list but still a very worthy entrant.

Skittlecakes Sweden LAN ALGS clutch ended cheater accusations

Perhaps one of the reasons why Sweet's ALGS Clutch isn't very well remembered is because that same event saw perhaps the single greatest clutch in ALGS history.

Skittlecakes has long been recognised as an incredible mechanical talent. So much so, that before this Sweden LAN people were frequently speculating that he was cheating. He is simply that good.

However, his beautiful double armour swap Devotion clutch put any doubts to rest as he showed the world why he is a natural talent in Apex Legends.

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A... truck... pulls off a 0v3?

The Sweden LAN isn't Skittlecakes only entrance onto our list of ALGS Clutches. For all the wrong reasons, this might also be one of the most memorable ALGS moments of all time...

ESA mistakenly assume a team is already holding the truck. When it is such a good spot in zone, why wouldn't someone be?

They try their best to deal damage to the people inside. Throwing grenades and Caustic ultimates inside. Instead, it was just a single barrel of Gas inside. Skittlecakes, Knoqd and Dooplex all die while trying to siege the imaginary team inside.

Hardecki makes T-Rex extinct

Hardecki has earned the nickname 'The Grim Griefer' for years of incredible solo plays. From griefing OpTic then NRG at Raleigh, to winning games as a solo player Hardecki has done it all. There is probably enough to create an entire list of ALGS clutches from Hardecki alone.

However, one of his very best highlights came back in the ALGS Winter Circuit. Showing incredible talents with the EVA-8 Hardecki is able to eliminate an entire team when the fight simply seemed lost.

What is most impressive about this moment is his awareness. Hardecki had less than 10 health, but managed to eliminate the whole team without taking any damage. He identifies the third and final player coming through the portal and instantly flicks back to react before they can fire a shot off. Unbelievable play.

Hardecki wins a game as a solo

It is impossible to talk about ALGS clutches without also adding Hardecki's solo game win to the list. Hardecki masterfully maneuvers out of the fight that saw him lose his two teammates. He gets to the dead centre of the zone, and is even able to grab two extra kills on 'OP'.

Then, Hardecki essentially sits in the middle of the zone as everyone fights around him. One team does notice his presence at one point, but he puts out some impressive damage to allow him to sneak away.

This leads him to find himself a solo player, with just two other teams left who are forced to fight each other.

Huge Mastiff shots help Hardecki clean up a messy fight, as he wins an ALGS Pro League game as a solo player.

Dooplex clutches ALGS win for OpTiC as a solo

Fan favourite Dooplex pulled off an incredibly impressive solo win of his own in the 2022 Split 1 ALGS Pro League. With 100 Thieves and Luminosity Gaming trading in a very messy 3v3 fight, the window of opportunity opened for Dooplex to win. He was able to steam in and pick up kills from both teams.

This created a key 1v1 with Onmuu, with the winner securing the final match of the day. Dooplex had ratted for an incredibly long time in that game.

It's rare to see big solo plays from players on legends like Bloodhound. It's no mean feat surviving for so long as a solo on a legend with little in the way of movement.

What is also exceptional here is how Dooplex both perfectly times his entrance into the fight, but then also how he swings around to take the height and the Castle Wall from 100 Thieves. A huge ALGS clutch!

Fire Beavers descend from the skies to win a game

While this isn't a big solo clutch, the Fire Beavers managed to pull off an incredible recovery in the second split of the Year 3 Pro League.

Using fists, and quickly snatching shields and weapons from boxes, Fire Beavers two freshly revived players were able help Ojrein take on Horizon Union.

Unlike Snip3down, there was no chaos to benefit from. This was a pure two team fight, and Fire Beavers did incredibly to turn the game around and snatch a victory. Even getting the mobile respawn off was impressive!

Xainya performs one of the first ever ALGS clutches in Poland

For our next ALGS clutch, we're throwing it all the way back to the first ever Apex Legends official LAN event. The Apex Legends Preseason invitational predated even the official start of the ALGS, but we're including it anyway.

Xaniya, who still competes, finds himself last alive for 789 with two enemies left to defeat. He almost dies because of a poor armour swap. Remember the days before you could see how much health an armour had left!

This huge ALGS clutch left Xaniya in as much shock as the rest of the crowd and competitors.

There are some of our favourite clutches from the ALGS, over the five years of Apex Legends. We're sorry if we missed your favourite!