Check out our Apex Weapons Tier List for season 12 – where does your favourite weapon rank?

Apex Legends Season 12 is all about Defiance. With the addition of legend Mad Maggie and the Control game mode, Apex Legends is more chaotic and fun than ever. But which weapon should you use when dropping in? Here is our Apex Weapon Tier List, get ready to practice your aim and start climbing! If you’ve not played for a while, check out the Season 12 patch notes.

S Tier – Apex Weapon Tier List


The Kraber only appears in care packages, making it pretty rare to come by — but it’s worth searching for. This sniper rifle can instantly kill with one shot if you get a headshot. If you miss and hit your opponent anywhere else, their shield will be depleted. The Apex Sniper Kraber has never not been top of the Apex Weapon Tier List and although a rare find, grab it when you can.


  • Head: 435 – instant kill
  • Body: 145
  • Legs: 116

The Kraber is very powerful but only in the right hands. It has a slow fire rate and a small number of rounds. Every shot counts.

Volt SMG

The Volt SMG was already quite powerful in previous seasons but Season 12 provided the weapon with a good buff. The damage was increased from 15 to 17, the magazine size rising from 28 to 30. This energy weapon is a bit chaotic but will always wreak havoc in the hands of a skilled player. The Volt SMG can only be found in care packages now.


  • Head: 26
  • Body: 17
  • Legs: 14

M600 Spitfire

The M600 Spitfire continues to be a powerful weapon on the brink of being considered broken. Available in care packages, the Spitfire is almost a surefire win in most gunfights if played correctly. It does take a bit to reload, but in the right hands, the Spitfire is unstoppable.


  • Head: 33
  • Body: 19
  • Legs: 13

VK-47 Flatline

This beloved heavy weapon has an incredible fire rate. The damage stats have been slightly reduced — 19 to 18 damage — but it still is a favorite weapon for players who want a versatile weapon with good mid and close range potential. Even though it now costs 30 crafting metals the Flatline is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.


  • Head: 32
  • Body: 18
  • Legs: 14
The Flatline - Apex Weapon Tier List

A-Tier – Apex Weapon Tier List

R-301 Carbine

First up in the A-Tier of our Apex Weapon Tier List is the R-301 Carbine. This is considered a pretty well-rounded weapon that is powerful in mid-range combat. The Carbine really shines when you have the right attachments so be on the lookout for a mid-range scope and extended magazine. With very little recoil, you can easily mow down enemies from a safe distance. However, the R301 is ammo-hungry and it’s average damage stats mean you will need to his the majority of your shots to take enemy players down in 1 magazine.


  • Head: 25
  • Body: 14
  • Legs: 11

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout was a controversial choice for the care package. The biggest concern was the low ammo count that your care package G7 Scout came with. This has since been buffed. However, a single fire (or double tap) weapon is not as easy to use as an automatic weapon. Plus, at close range the G7 can be (literally) hit or miss. It is still a strong choice with high damage, and is favoured by Gibraltar players in particular.


  • Head: 72
  • Body: 36
  • Legs: 27


This is a great weapon with the right attachments. Using the weapon as-is can be a bit tricky but a barrel stabilizer will have you gunning down enemies left and right. It takes both light and heavy ammo, making it a versatile choice. We have done a more detailed breakdown of the CAR SMG so be sure to check it out.


  • Head: 20
  • Body: 13
  • Legs: 10


The Wingman has a very high skill ceiling but can be deadly in the right hands. Find an extended mag and the Boosted Loader hop-up and you’re good to go in almost any situation.


  • Head: 97
  • Body: 145
  • Legs: 41


Legends looking for a shotgun should grab the Peacekeeper. This is a powerful weapon that does insane damage. Aim down the sights to reduce the shotgun’s pellet spread, making each shot incredibly damaging. The Peacekeeper is almost a requirement for players that enjoy getting in opponents’ personal space.


  • Head: 121 (11 per pellet)
  • Body: 99 (9 per pellet)
  • Legs: 77 (7 per pellet)

(The Peacekeeper damage stats assume that you hit all pellets)

Triple Take

Season 12 has been the Triple Take’s time to shine once again thanks to the Kinetic Feeder hop-up. The Triple Take can be automatically reloaded with this attachment and the choke time is reduced. Not having to break focus when using this marksman makes it all the more powerful.


  • Head: 111
  • Body: 63
  • Legs: 57

Prowler PDW

A favourite of controller players, the Prowler was removed from the Care package in Season 10. It’s burst fire is very strong but it only effective at close range, even after the nerf back in mid-2021. One drawback is there is no single-fire mode and each burst is 5 bullets, meaning if you’re not landing your shots, you will run out of ammo very quickly.


  • Head: 21
  • Body: 14
  • Legs: 11

B-Tier – Apex Weapon Tier List


L-Star - Apex Weapon Tier List

In Season 12, the L-Star has become more powerful with barrel stabilizers and extended energy mags. This allows you to spray this wild weapon longer before it overheats. Keep in mind, however, that the L-Star is pretty hard to aim from afar.

Longbow DMR

This consistent Apex sniper has a high fire rate and does good damage. It may not be as powerful as other weapons but it does hefty damage no matter where you hit an enemy. In Season 12, the Longbow can be crafted for 30 crafting metals.

R-99 SMG

The R-99 is a close-range weapon that thrives with an extended magazine. This is a weapon for players that enjoy running right into the action thanks to a fast fire rate. However, after the introduction of the CAR and the Volt the R-99 is a less impressive choice than in the early seasons of Apex Legends.


The Rampage is strong weapon, and when charged with a Thermite is A-Tier. The slow fire rate can hold the Rampage back at times, but it’s large magazine size and solid damage numbers mean that this weapon is strong at midrange even when uncharged.


This weapon has returned to the ground, and the disruptor round has been removed from the game. The Alternator can definitely do some real damage thanks to its decent damage stats. The Alternator cannot really compete with weapons like the R301, CAR and Flatline but in the early game the Alternator is a very suitable weapon.


If you know how to aim, the Hemlok is pretty darn good (even slightly OP). The Boosted Loader hop-up makes the Hemlok’s reload speeds faster and gives it extra rounds if reloaded at a precise time. The recent change to hipfire spread makes the Hemlock more reliable at close range.


This is a weapon perfect for aggressive players who want to deal massive damage. It reloads pretty fast and can really help players rush in and take down opponents. But the Mastiff does have some drawbacks, including a pretty annoying reload animation that may disrupt your vision. That can be tough when you’re right in the middle of the action. However, the dual-shell hopup means you can reload two shells at once.


The bolt-loaded Sentinel requires a player with good aim. If that sounds like you, this weapon is just as good as the Longbow. It’s a strong weapon that can eliminate teams from afar in the right hands. Charging your sentinel with shield cells makes the weapon very powerful, but this is only limited shots.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is explosive, even able to destroy red shields with its beam of energy. The Charge Rifle is ammo hungry but powerful. The hit-scan nature of the weapon makes it reasonably easy to use. One member of your squad can easily farm the whole team’s evo-shield’s up from Grey to Purple.

C-Tier – Apex Weapon Tier List


Meh. The RE-45 has a great rate of fire but does very little damage per round. It’s barely used in the battle royale but sometimes has its perks in Arena matches since it costs very little crafting metals. With the newly reintroduced Hammerpoint hop up, the RE-45 can pack a more significant punch to cracked enemies and is B-Tier with that equipped.


The Havoc is, well, sorta nuts. It’s hard to control and aim. But with high-tier attachments, the Havoc has the right firing rate to cause some chaos. If you can manage the recoil and find a Turbocharger, the Havoc is seriously deadly. With a Turbocharger the Havoc is B-Tier.

Bocek Bow

The Bocek Bow is a hard weapon to use. The method of holding back the arrow then releasing can feel unnatural to Apex players. While the Bocek Bow does significant damage it is not doing to put out as much damage as a weapon like the R301, Flatline or Rampage. The recent changes to Shattercaps can make the bow effective at close range, but you’d be better served by a Mastiff or a Peacekeeper.


With the fastest fire rate in the game, the Devotion has potential. It needs a lot of altercations to be amazing (the Turbocharger and gold magazine are good picks) but it’s truly incredible with these adjustments. With a Turbocharger (that are very rare) the Devotion is A-Tier easily and one of the best guns in the game.

30-30 Repeater

This rifle has been a bit underwhelming. It’s good but just doesn’t excel at anything, meaning it gets overlooked by other weapons in most scenarios. Still, the 30-30 Repeater does have extra shots and a 35% damage boost if you charge your shot by aiming down the sights, which is cool. The recent changes to the Shattercaps make it much more usable, but that requires finding the hop up.

D-Tier – Apex Weapon Tier List


The Apex Legends Season 12 weapon tier list is not complete without duds. This weapon just doesn’t do it for most players. You’ll struggle to find anyone who would use an EVA-8 over a Peacekeeper or a Mastiff.

The nerfed shotgun can still have an impact with the right attachments. Unfortunately, it’s still not as strong as before. The weapon is still good for players who like to run-and-gun since its hip-fire spread is similar to when you aim down sights.


The Mozambique has improved over the seasons but is still just not worth picking up. It’s not accurate enough to be a good pistol and doesn’t have enough spread to be a good shotgun.

However, with the Hammerpoint attachment the Mozambique is easily a B-Tier weapon. But, this hopup can be hard to find.


At the start of the match, the P2020 can be a weapon you quickly pick up and start shooting with. But the P2020 is just not useful enough to bring with you after that moment. You will lose almost every gun fight, leaving you vulnerable. When it comes to our Apex Weapon Tier List, the P2020 is the bottom of the barrel.

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