Maksym Bilonogov, WePlay Academy League: “The League is in many ways about chasing a dream. And in dreams, there is nothing but the best.”

Maksym Bilonogov, chief visionary officer and general producer at WePlay Esports, discusses the WePlay Academy League

Arnav Shukla

Arnav Shukla CS:GO Game Page

WePlay AniMajor’s peak viewership of 644,964 is the #5th highest of ALL time

The WePlay AniMajor has been entered into the top 5 Hall of Fame after it attracted a massive viewership on its final day. We break down the numbers, from most popular team to most watched series.

Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips

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PSG.LGD complete clean sweep of Evil Geniuses to win WePlay Animajor!

They say its the year of Chinese Dota 2. And it’s not entirely wrong. After Invictus Gaming secured the Singapore Major, PSG.LGD has now 3-0’ed Evil Geniuses at the WePlay Animajor. A commanding performance by the Xiao8-led team.

Sean "Snare" Rihlamvu

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WePlay Animajor Meta predictions: What to expect at the Dota 2 Major?

Meta predictions for the WePlay Dota 2 Animajor. Here’s how the tournament might play out after 7.29d

Christian Decker

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NetherRealm Studios and Bandai Namco refuse to work with WePlay due to differences in vision

Tekken 7 publisher Bandai Namco esports has announced it will no longer with with WePlay. Mortal Kombat publisher NetherRealm also had a similar announcement. Why is the FGC suddenly turning on WePlay?


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“Godlike” SonicFox crowned WUFL Season 1 champion

Mortal Kombat 11 Joker main, Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, took the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League S1 title in a 5-1 bracket reset victory.

Ezekiel Carsella

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