It isn’t always easy to find a team to queue with in VALORANT. Let this guide turn the difficulty down for you.

Some prefer the solace of solo queueing in VALORANT, but it never hurts to have a trustworthy team to matchmake with. This guarantees communication and cohesion. You need a solid team if you want to climb the ranks.

It can be hard if you don't know where to look. And it being that hard just underlines the importance of having a team at your side. You'll have a better chance of winning and more fun, so let us show you how to create a dominant squad through VALORANT team finder.


VALORANT LFG by GameTree lets you set up a gaming session right in the app (Image via GameTree)
VALORANT LFG by GameTree lets you set up a gaming session right in the app (Image via GameTree)

VALORANT LFG by GameTree is one way you can put together a solid team. The platform lets you sign up, select VALORANT as your game, and begin the search for compatible teammates.

If you're tired of queuing up alone and having your friend requests ignored after a good match, VALORANT LFG can get you a duo, trio, four, or five-stack. It is a community hub for any and all VALORANT users who value team play.

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Why bother finding compatible teammates?

We all the know the feeling of joining a game of VALORANT, saying hello, and either being hit with silence or profanity. Finding others to team with takes away that possibility, ensuring your squad is stacked and without the randomness.

This allows you to hone your craft together. Everyone can play the Agents they enjoy without having to fill. And you'll ensure solid communication and teamwork as you battle through the 13 rounds needed for victory.

Finding new VALORANT teammates - a step-by-step guide

VALORANT LFG is one of the premier methods for finding a team (Image via GameTree)
VALORANT LFG is one of the premier methods for finding a team (Image via GameTree)

It isn't too hard to find suitable teammates in VALORANT, but it certainly can be if you don't know how to look. Let us take your hand and guide you on just how to do so with the following methods:

  • Use different platforms to find teammates
    • Community Discord servers
    • Reddit
  • Have information about yourself available
    • What server(s) you play on
    • Your preferred Agents
    • What time of day you play and your time zone
    • The playstyle you are looking for in a team
  • Test the waters with different players
    • See if any teammates you find are compatible with your playstyle and rank
    • Ask players you mesh with in VALORANT to group up after a win
    • Essentially, treat this like a trial period until you've got a good squad at your disposal

Up your VALORANT team search game

If the above isn't working out, there are several other methods you can try to find a team in VALORANT. Whether you're looking to grind ranked or go pro, you'll want to do everything you can to surround yourself with the best.

Get social

Social media platforms could be your best bet. Search functions on the likes of X and Facebook might make it an easy job to find a VALORANT team.

Check certain hashtags, see if there are any specific team-finding pages, and show off your skills. Gameplay clips are likely to get you noticed by the right people.

Hit up local game spots

If you live in an area with a LAN center, spend some time there. Boot up VALORANT and see if you catch anyone's attention. Maybe they're the teammate you are looking for.

Otherwise, check local gaming stores or even comic book shops. Gamers can be found all over, and you never know who might want to queue up a game of VALORANT.

Conventions are your friend

Conventions are another amazing way to connect with all sorts of communities. From cosplayers to tabletop enjoyers, there are spaces at conventions for everyone.

This includes VALORANT players. If you can make it to a convention in your area, make it a focus to meet others in the VALORANT sect. Mingle and you might have a team.

GameTree - The best LFG gaming app to find VALORANT teammates

With all of that in mind, GameTree might be the option for you. It is a suitable app for anyone trying to put together a VALORANT team. With VALORANT LFG, you can put yourself out there and squad up with compatible partners.

The app uses a unique algorithm that takes everything into account. Your playstyle, your communication ability, and even your schedule are all used to match you with the perfect teammates. You can download it on Google Play and the App Store.

How to choose your squad

If you get matched with a handful of players, it is up to you to determine who best fits your needs in terms of VALORANT team. Consider these factors when rounding out the roster:

  • Ensure in-game rank is close or the same
  • Look for a matching playstyle and communication style
  • Determine availability to play VALORANT
  • Compare goals, such as playing for fun, grinding to a certain rank, or making content

The bottom line

Put together an unstoppable comp with the right VALORANT team (Image via Riot Games)
Put together an unstoppable comp with the right VALORANT team (Image via Riot Games)

At the end of the day, everyone wants a team that works well together in VALORANT. You can only do this with people who have similar goals and want to harbor that community feeling.

That is what it is all about. Staying positive and encouraging even in losses with make your team more successful than you could imagine.

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