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How to copy a teammate’s Valorant crosshair code cover image

How to copy a teammate’s Valorant crosshair code


Now you have the chance to copy your teammate’s crosshair settings.

One of the great features Riot Games implemented very early into Valorant was the creative options for a player's crosshair. Unlike in FPS games like Call of Duty where you are limited to a singular crosshair, Valorant allows players to express their creativity through unique designs and personal colors.
Have you ever spectated a teammate and preferred the crosshair they are using over your own? This article will help you copy their Valorant crosshair with only a couple of clicks.

How to copy a teammate's crosshair in game

Players being able to copy their teammates crosshair settings mid-game was the highlight of Valorant patch 5.04. Before, players would simply have to ask their fellow players nicely for their crosshair settings, which was not a reliable way of getting a desired crosshair. Valorant patch 5.04 also saw the increase in the amount of crosshair profiles you could have. The size has been increased from ten profiles to fifteen.
To copy a players crosshair during the game, simply open up the in-game chat and enter one of the two following codes, "/crosshair copy" or "/cc".
This message should appear, stating the crosshair copy was successful.
This message should appear, stating the crosshair copy was successful.
Once the message above appears, head on over to your Valorant crosshair profiles in the settings tab. From there, you will be able to select the crosshair you just copied and use it. No longer will players have to bother their teammates by asking them for their settings mid-game.

The spectator problem in Valorant

One of the catches when attempting to copy a crosshair is that you can only do so once you have died during that round. There is currently no spectator mode for Valorant like there is in League of Legends. In LoL, players can drop in on their friends game and spectate it live. Riot Games is yet to comment on a future spectator mode in Valorant.
At this time, players are only able to spectate others in team-based modes. This means solo players in Deathmatch and Escalation will not have the opportunity to spectate a player and copy over their Valorant crosshair settings.
Stay tuned to for the latest Valorant news and updates.
Jordan Marney
Jordan Marney
Editor | Twitter @MarnMedia
Jordan "Marn" Marney is an esports journalist from across the pond. Marn specialises in telling stories about League of Legends and Call of Duty. Marn has been a passionate esports fan since 2014 and has written for publications Unikrn, Esports Network, ESTNN and The United Stand.