Razer has announced the launch of several new products at RazerCon 2021.

RazerCon is the annual event where Razer reveals its upcoming products and innovations. Razer unveiled a number of new products including the debut of the long-awaited Razer Zephyr masks, Razer's debut into PC hardware, among other announcements.

Razer gets into PC components, including fans and more, powered by Chroma

Razer has just announced its entry into PC hardware manufacturing at the RazerCon 2021 keynote. This is a big step forward for Razer, who previously entered into PC components with their own cases. Now they're giving gamers even more customizability and the ability to stay almost purely in the Razer ecosystem for their builds. This of course means more Chroma customizability.

Among the products announced include

  • Water cooling - Razer Hanbo, shipping in November.
  • Razer Kunai fans - 70% more static pressure than compeittion, with 21% quieter vs competition. For $44.99 each. Ships starting today.
  • Razer PWM fan controller - Customize fan curves with Razer software.
  • Razer Power Supply Unit Katana - Platinum rated PSUs, ships in January 2022.
  • All of these are Razer Chroma certified, which will work with 200+ game integrations and more.

The Razer Kunai and Razer PWM PC Fan Controller are available now on Razer.com and authorized retailers. The Razer Hanbo will be available in November, and the Katana will launch in 2022.

Project Hazel debuts as Razer Zephyr LED masks

Also announced at RazerCon 2021 was Project Hazel's retail debut as the Zephyr Wearable Air Filter, the final version after months of feedback from beta testers. They've been working on this for the length of the pandemic, as they converted some of their manufacturing plants to work on surgical masks. The mask will retail for $99.99. It will come with 3 sets of n95 filters, which provide 9 days of protection at full usage. The first drop will be at 8 PM Pacific on October 21, 2021. The filters are available for $29.99 and come with 10 filters.

Some of the features of Zephyr include:

  • 99% BFE, compared with 95% on a surgical mask.
  • 2 speed dual intake fans
  • Soft silicone face seal with dual strap design
  • Transparent design with anti fog and interior lights, you can see the wearer speaking allowing for a more social aspect
  • It's powered by Razer Chroma for full personalization.
  • It's sustainable - resuable housing, with three day filter sets. Reduces waste by 80% compared with disposable masks.

What else did Razer announce?

  • A new line of Kraken headphones which include Razer Hypersense technology, wirelessly.
  • The Razerbook is now shipping with Windows 11 - Razer's Ultrabook design. Will run off a single charge with 14 hours on battery. From $999. Will also be available in Quartz Pink.
  • Razer Enki - A new line of Razer chairs focused on comfort alongside the Iskur line which is more focused on ergonomics. There's a pro version with a super plush finish, a magnetic memory foam head cushion. Enki Pro is $999, Enki is $399, and Enki X $299.
  • A line of Halo Infinite Razer gear including a Blackwidow v3, Razer Goliathus extended rgb mousepad, mouse, and headphones.
  • A line of Genshin Impact Razer chair, keyboard, and mouse.
  • An upcoming partnership with the premium watch maker Panerai, more details to come in 2022.

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