Not all heroes are created equal in Overwatch 2’s Community Crafted mode.

Season 11 of Overwatch 2 has introduced a lot of new elements to the Blizzard Entertainment hero shooter, including a new Arcade mode called Community Crafted. This new mode reimagines every hero's kit, bringing back some classics and also imagining some brand-new abilities and passives. So, to help you climb through the chaos, here's our tier list for the new Overwatch 2 community mode.

Overwatch 2 Community Crafted mode tier list and best heroes

In the new Community Crafted mode, every hero has a slight change to their kit which you can find here. These changes have led to their own sort of meta for this Arcade mode, which will run until July 9 when it will be replaced by the Summer Games.

So, here is our attempt to lay out the best heroes in this mode, combining the current state of each hero in our competitive tier list with their new abilities.

Our Overwatch 2 Community Crafted mode tier list (Image via Tiermaker)
Our Overwatch 2 Community Crafted mode tier list (Image via Tiermaker)

Author's picks for each role

  • Tank: Orisa
  • Support: Mercy
  • DPS: Widowmaker

There are a lot of fun hero kits that we really recommend trying out, even if they don't perform as well on our tier list. Symmetra's new turrets, Reaper's new Wrath mode, and Torbjorn's old turret are some fun ones. But, in the end, we found heroes like Orisa, Mercy, and Widowmaker to be especially powerful in this mode.

Much like in competitive at the moment, Zenyatta does not feel as rewarding to play, nor does Baptiste, Roadhog, Winston, or Sojourn, whose changes are not significant enough to bump them up on this list. But, seeing as this is an Arcade mode and more of the emphasis should be on having fun anyways, you should give as many heroes a try as possible!

We hope you enjoyed this tier list. Make sure and stay tuned here at for more Overwatch 2 content like this!