Some of these ability changes are major throwbacks.

A new Arcade mode has just dropped in Season 11 of Overwatch 2 called Community Crafted, which alters the abilities of every hero in the game in some way. While some heroes like Hanzo and Orisa have old abilities back in their kits, others like Widowmaker or Mercy are reimagined for this fun, new game mode.

So, here's everything that's new in Community Crafted.

Overwatch 2 Season 11 shop (Image via
Overwatch 2 Season 11 shop (Image via

All Community Crafted ability changes in Overwatch 2

Season 11 introduces a new Community Crafted game mode to Overwatch 2 that switches up how every hero in the game works at some level while keeping the same 5v5 hero-locked ruleset otherwise in place.

Hanzo, for example, has his old Scatter Arrow back, which can now be drawn much more quickly, while Torbjorn can upgrade his turret like he could back in Overwatch 1. But, what about everyone else?

Blizzard released a full list of the changes to each hero in a recent blog post, however, a Reddit user in r/Overwatch reformatted the changes into a much more readable format, showing off all of the changes with icons of each hero alongside them.

The only thing incorrect on the post is that Sigma is swapped with Roadhog.

Some of the most fun of these to try are the changes to Widowmaker, who now applies damage over time, and Mercy, who can now resurrect allies much quicker, but they only maintain their life for a short time. Trust me, that last one will make for some fun and very confusing moments of chaos in the new mode.

Competing in this game mode also earns players progress toward unlocking a legendary Aztec Sombra skin. So, make sure and check out the new mode before it is replaced by the Summer Games and Lucioball on July 9. Until then, stay tuned for more from!