Ranking all of the new Valorant Episode 5: Act 2 Battle pass skins cover image

Ranking all of the new Valorant Episode 5: Act 2 Battle pass skins

Ranking all the new weapon skins that were added to Valorant in the Episode 5: Act 2 update.

The Episode 5: Act 2 update went live on Valorant today. And when there is a new act, there will always be a batch of cool and intriguing weapon skins.

There is a whole host of content available to players, from the traditional Battlepass skins, to free rewards curtesy of the Champions Pass. Rounded off in style by the new Champions Bundle, which is available now in the in-game store.

With so many new and exciting skins being added to the game it can be tough to determine which ones are going to get players begging for your weapons, and which ones people are likely to ignore. Which is why we'll be rating each of them for you today.

Maverick Ranks All of the Valorant Episode 5: Act 2 Skins - A Tier List

The Episode 5: Act 2 Battlepass features three new sets of weapon skins that players will be able to unlock in the game. There is the Immortalized set, the Premiere Collision set, and the Piedra del Sol set. With Champions Istanbul on the horizon Valorant have attempted to encapsulate the occasion with these new skins. In the latest game update, the Valorant team state that these skins center around "Myths and Legends;" An appropriate theme given what is at stake for the 16 teams competing in Istanbul.

There are certainly some very good skins in this Battlepass, but there are a handful that stand above the rest. For the purpose of this piece I will be breaking them up into three tiers; A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier. With A-Tier being the best of the bunch, and C-Tier being the ones you probably won't be using much. Keep in mind these are strictly my own opinion, so if you have a differing stance on these placements then I welcome the debate. So without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Masterpieces (A-Tier)

The Immortalized Vandal skin (Captured in-game)
The Immortalized Vandal skin (Captured in-game)
  • Immortalized Vandal
  • Champions 2022 Phantom
  • Immortalized Guardian
  • Piedra del Sol Ghost
  • Immortalized Sheriff

These are, in my opinion, the best of the lot this season. The Immortalized bundle is vastly superior to the other two in terms of design. Not only are the color schemes incredible to look at, but having each of the four weapons feature one of the Valorant characters from the "Fire Again" music video is a nice touch. The Champions 2022 Phantom is a thing of beauty to behold as well. Though it is much more expensive compared to the Immortalized skins, which you can get via the Battlepass, it is a skin that I believe is worth the price. You'll need to act fast if want to purchase this skin, as the Champions set will be gone shortly after the conclusion of Champions Istanbul. And while I'm not a huge fan of the Piedra del Sol set, the Ghost skin works pretty well with the ancient Aztec design.

Good Enough for the shelf (B-Tier)

The Piedra del Sol Phantom Skin (Captured in-game)
The Piedra del Sol Phantom Skin (Captured in-game)
  • Piedra del Sol Judge
  • Immortalized Stinger
  • Piedra del Sol Phantom
  • Premiere Collision Bulldog
  • Piedra del Sol Melee Weapon

While I have heaped praise upon the Immortalized set for their design, I will admit I'm not a huge fan of the Stinger skin. It's a decent looker to be fair to it, but it isn't as eye-catching as the other three in it's set. Hence why it is in the B-Tier. The Piedra del Sol is certainly the most innovative of the three weapon skin sets to say the least. The Judge and Phantom skins are certainly skins I wouldn't mind picking up off the ground mid-game. Likewise, the Premiere Collision Bulldog is probably the only one in it's set that I would actually consider using.

The ones you probably won't use (C-Tier)

The Premiere Collision Classic skin (captured in-game)
The Premiere Collision Classic skin (captured in-game)
  • Premiere Collision Marshall
  • Piedra del Sol Bucky
  • Premiere Collision Ares
  • Premiere Collision Classic

While these three skin sets are meant to represent "Myths and Legends," the Premiere Collision set doesn't really encapsulate that feeling for me. Sure the notion of "shooting for the stars" is a great motif to base a set of skins around. But with Premiere Collision it feels as though I'm reaching for a toy gun that I won at an arcade instead of the stars. Ultimately it is a nice idea that just didn't hit the right note.

The same could be said for the Piedra del Sol Bucky. To me it is the only one of it's set that doesn't really benefit from the Aztec design. In fact it sort of looks like an unholy crossover between ancient runes and a steampunk design.

And that marks the end of our rankings for the new Episode 5: Act 2 skins in Valorant. Be sure to keep an eye our Valorant section for all of the news regarding Champions Istanbul.