The hottest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ships for Valentine’s Day cover image

The hottest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ships for Valentine’s Day

Ever wondered what hot new romances were forming in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Me neither, but here they are!

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is huge. Depending who you count, there are 76 fighters. They all have their own special moveset and are equally capable of winning matches in the right hands. All of these characters are also deeply romantic and ready for love! That's why we have created a list of the most promising ships in Smash.

Smash ships you never knew you needed

...And still don't. But it's too late. You're here.

Bayonetta and Simon

Bayonetta is the child of a Witch and a Lumen Sage and is now one of two surviving Umbra Witches. She uses Dark Arts magic thanks to her mixed-blood, which has also made her stronger and faster than a normal human. Meanwhile, Simon Belmont is a renowned vampire hunter from the 17th century. During that time period, Bayonetta would have been alive (she's now over 600 years old) and would have a lot of vampire-like qualities.

Simon catches wind of her and goes on the hunt — but he ends up catching feelings instead. Bayonetta is sexy, witty, and charming. Her sarcasm draws in the usually practical and methodical Simon, who can't resist her witchy ways.

Palutena and Daisy

Daisy is a sporty woman in her early 20's that's not afraid to speak her mind or be herself. Her witty remarks and bold arguments are admired by Palutena. While Palutena seems serious at first — being a ruler of Angel Land and all — she actually has a really playful side that Daisy brings out of her. The pair start off just having a fun time picking on Pit and playing pranks on Peach, but they soon can't deny the tension between them. Daisy first realizes she has feelings for Palutena while the two are laying in the grass, looking up at the stars, talking about their dreams. It's the first time that Daisy realizes she wants more for herself than just being a plumber's girlfriend. She wants magic, adventure, and to be challenged.

Pac-Man and Rosalina

Pac-Man has been divorced from Miss Pac-Man for a while now and has been spending his time as a single man fighting in Smash. After finding out about his dangerous hobby, Miss Pac-Man filed for full custody of his children, a devastating turn of events for the family man. What Pac-Man misses most is being a dad.

Rosalina relates to this passion and tells Pac-Man about how she adopted Lumas. Both of them are kind-hearted and caring — and will do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones. The two become inseparable and start planning fun adventures across various dimensions and throughout the universe.

King Dedede and King K. Rool

King Dedede is often thought to be a villain in Dreamland, but the selfish penguin is actually not that evil — at least not when compared to other Kirby enemies. But King Dedede can't help but be salty about that time Kirby wouldn't let him take that food. Who does that pink puffball think he is?

King K. Rool stepped in to show King Dedede how to be a proper villain. The goofy gator is a lot crueler and merciless than Dedede and wants to show the penguin his sinister ways. But he also starts to fall for Dedede when he can't stop laughing at Dedede's chaotic and childish antics. It brings out King K. Rool's soft side — which he only shows to Dedede.

Wii Fit Trainer and Ike

Ike is one of the strongest Fire Emblem characters on the roster and you can see his rippling muscles beneath his shoulder pads and arm armor (say that three times fast). He swings that huge sword, Ragnell, like it's nothing — and it has to weigh about 320 pounds. But Ike still has a bit of an underdog complex, so he goes to Wii Fit Trainer for some extra strength training.

This is when he's introduced to the world of CrossFit and hot yoga. Ike's competitive nature has him swooning for Wii Fit Trainer as he tries to keep up with them. It's a challenge that has him hot and bothered. The two become inseparable, doing partner WODs together every weekend and ruining parties by talking about CrossFit whenever it even remotely makes sense to mention.

Lucario and Fox

These two met at a furry convention and immediately hit it off. Lucario and Fox have very similar personalities. At first, they come off as extremely determined and stubborn. Fox is intelligent and decisive but underneath his cocky expression is someone who deeply cares for their friends. Lucario has a similar sense of justice and loyalty, known to protect his trainer at all costs.

While there is most definitely passion and care in this relationship, it's also quite fiery since neither will back down during an argument. Lucario will often leave to meditate deep in the mountains — but he always comes back (and never misses Ru Paul Drag Race nights).