These spectacular moments are filled with wow energy, and they may teach you a thing or two about top-level play.

This Rocket League esports tournament was a blast! G2 won the RLCS London Major 2024 after a brilliant run through the playoff brackets. Beyond this bare result, we have quite a few amazing matches and lots of mind-blowing goals. Why not focus on these best moments? In this post on, we highlight the top 20 goals at RLCS London Major 2024 — with clips to revive those emotions once again.

Sure, taking a look at the best Rocket League goals is also a practically useful activity. You will be able to learn something about team play in different situations and see the level of skills to strive for in your personal training.

Rocket League esports: RLCS London Major 2024

Before diving into the top goals, let’s check out the tournament results — to have more context around each match. Here are the RLCS London Major 2024 playoff brackets.

Playoff brackets at RLCS London Major 2024 (image via Rocket League esports)
Playoff brackets at RLCS London Major 2024 (image via Rocket League esports)


Eight Rocket League teams played on the first day of the RLCS London Major 2024 playoffs. Only four proceeded to the next tournament stage.

G2 Stride vs Spacestation

This match started with great pressure from G2 Stride, which brought the team good early results. The Spacestation players managed to stabilize the play, but eventually, they couldn’t score enough: G2 were better.

  • The Spacestation players don’t give up even in the last seconds and in somewhat hopeless situations. With five seconds on the clock, Chicago shoots the ball to G2’s net, and Lj. scores. It’s the spirit!
  • hockser proves the importance of airplay in Rocket League. He flies with the ball through almost the whole field and then passes it to Lj., who scores a goal for SSG.
  • During overtime chaos, G2 apply a lot of pressure and miss some opportunities, Then BeastMode positions himself so flawlessly that even when a defender shoots the ball away, it appears directly at BeastMode’s bumper. The goal to the top right corner looks tasty!

Team Falcons vs Gen.G Mobile

For a while, It looked like Gen.G had a good chance in this match. Falcons started slowly, but after some disappointing moments, they got themselves together and proved their competitive class at RLCS London Major 2024. Eventually, Team Falcons won and proceeded to the semi-final.

  • Firstkiller from Gen.G takes the ball to the air, gently shoots it over one opponent, and then scores despite having two more Falcons players right near the net. It’s a great 1v3 win.
  • Kiileerrz continues the offensive play of Falcons and delivers the ball to Gen.G’s net. Have you noticed how the player slows down right before the goal, in the air — to let the opponents miss with their defensive moves?

Team BDS vs M8 Alpine

This match started promisingly for Team BDS, but it ended up being such a disaster. BDS scored in the beginning and got a quick response from M8. After a little while, it was a one-directional game, and Team BDS with their fans just waited for the torture at this Rocket League major to end. M8 Alpine proved their skills!

  • Technically, we have here two goals in one clip. itachi supports the pressure of Gentle Mates Alpine and scores thanks to proper team coordination. After a few seconds, BDS are defenseless, and they got another goal from itachi. The first one made them disoriented.
  • A beautiful long pass over the fields, and the ball finds ExoTiiK, who delivers a proper shot. It was a rare good moment for Team BDS.

Furia vs Team Vitality

The whole arena expected Team Vitality to win this game quite easily. It’s not what actually happened. Furia delivered great goals and dominating games. Vitality also weren’t defenseless victims, but still, Furia won this emotional fight.

  • yanxnz demonstrates such a Rocket League mastery. With the ball, he goes over one defender and throws it over another — right to the net.
  • zen scores a wonderful goal for Vitality, which creates chaos near Falcon’s net. And zen uses that to score once again! So, two goals in one clip again. The first one feels to be better — look how the ball enters the net!


One semi-finals was a super close 7-game match. The other was also filled with back-and-forth situations. The fight for the grand-final spots at a Rocket League esports major is always intense!

Team Falcons vs M8 Alpine

It was a great back-and-forth match. Both teams had their dominating moments. Both delivered wonderful goals. Team Falcons demonstrated their spirit in the last seconds of game 7, and they earned a spot in the grand final of RLCS London Major 2024 — in overtime.

  • It was a successful counter-attack by Falcons. Kiileerrz saves by hitting the ball far away, and trk511 scores with one wonderful touch.
  • In a seemingly slow game 3, Falcons managed to score back by literally pushing the ball through the defenders. But then, they got such a response! It’s probably the quickest three goals at RLCS London Major 2024! (Well, we count only the first one for our list, again — but let’s enjoy all three on the clip)
  • Teamplay is certainly essential for Rocket League esports, but personal skills are also needed. itachi takes the ball from one side of the field to another, passes two defenders, and scores for M8.
  • Falcons show how stubborn you should be in Rocket League esports — until the very last seconds. trk511 scores in game 7 when M8 had a one goal advantage. He brings the game to overtime, and Falcons eventually proceed to the grand final.

G2 Stride vs Furia

The match started as one-directional with the threat of getting boring. G2 looked unstoppable, but then Furia remembered how to play Rocket League. The South American players tried to strike back, but after a few bitter moments, including a self-score, they could not stop their opponents. G2 Stride made it to the most important match of RLCS London Major 2024.

  • Daniel creates a two-touch situation, and the defenders focus too much on his teammates to prevent that second touch. Daniel himself goes for it and scores with a pretty unusual angle, with his car’s side.
  • Right after game 5 starts, the ball is shot almost vertically up. Lostt is right there to send it to G2’s net from the mid-field.
  • United States BeastMode demonstrates miracles of movement control. After missing one shot, he regroups and finds a new angle to shoot and lead G2 to the grand final of RLCS London Major 2024.

Grand-final: Falcons vs G2 Stride

Unlike many other matches, Team Falcons started the grand final pretty well, with good scores and strong play. But unlike those situations when they managed to recover and grab the victory (like in the quarter-final vs Team Vitality), this time everything went differently. G2 Stride quickly took the match under their control, they dominated in some games and were super strong in some others. Eventually, G2 won the grand final and the Rocket League esports tournament.

  • Rw9 pushes the ball away from Furia’s side, and then he makes a tricky sideward pass. trk511 catches it and sends the ball to G2’s net.
  • Daniel makes a vertical shot up right in front of Furia’s net. And Atomic unexpectedly confirms it with a goal.
  • When there is no time left at all, BeastMode stops the ball from falling onto the ground, and Daniel scores for G2, preventing overtime.
  • Once again G2 stop Falcons’ offense and score in a skillful counter-attack. It’s the goal that seals the victory of G2 at RLCS London Major 2024.

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