NA’s superteam brings it home.

Amongst many incredible storylines at the RLCS 2024 London Major, G2 Stride emerges victorious. North America's #1 team was never the favorite throughout the weekend, making this win all the more sweet.

Fans will now be eager to see if G2 can maintain their run of form heading into the RLCS 2024 World Championship in Texas this September.

Assembling North America's best

Daniel, BeastMode, and Atomic posing in G2 Stride jerseys (Image via G2 Esports)
Daniel, BeastMode, and Atomic posing in G2 Stride jerseys (Image via G2 Esports)

G2 Esports has been a mainstay of North American Rocket League ever since acquiring RLCS Season 1 World Champions iBuyPower in 2016. However, even with multiple LAN wins and iconic moments under their belts, it wasn't until the current iteration of G2 that the community dubbed them as NA's superteam.

Massimo "Atomic" Franceschi was traded over from Team Envy in January of 2022. Just two months later, he was awarded the MVP medal when G2 won the RLCS 2022 Winter Major.

The team then floated around the top four to eight rosters in North America for almost two years until one signing catapulted them to the top. On December 7, 2024, G2 acquired Daniel "Daniel" Piecenski and Landon "BeastMode" Konerman through a merger with Gamers8 champions Version1.

G2 hasn't missed a single RLCS grand final since.

Daniel was the community's sweetheart for a long time as the wholesome young prodigy and star player of Spacestation Gaming. His endearing, reserved demeanor and standout LAN performances earned him the fans' adoration and the nickname "LANiel." He then became half of the terrifying duo at the core of Gamers8 2023 winners Version1.

The other half of this defence-destroying duo was, of course, BeastMode. In Riyadh, he walked away from Version1's Gamers8 win with an MVP medal. Nearly two years later, he is still stunning crowds, this time with another MVP performance at the RLCS London Major.

Last but not least is the longest-standing member of this star-studded roster. Coach Matthew "Satthew" Ackermann has been with G2 through multiple roster iterations and, along with Atomic, is one of only two North Americans to ever win more than one RLCS LAN.

G2 Stride's RLCS grand final streak lives on

Screenshot of G2 Stride's RLCS 2024 results on Liquipedia (Image via
Screenshot of G2 Stride's RLCS 2024 results on Liquipedia (Image via

Heading into the London Major, G2 had an incredible streak of seven consecutive grand finals appearances across every RLCS 2024 event they participated in. Somewhat understandably, many fans and talent from other regions scoffed at the achievement.

Six of G2's seven grand finals were regional, North America-only events. Additionally, every single RLCS LAN in the past two-and-a-half years has had a European Champion. NA's last RLCS trophy lift was Gen.G's 2022 Rotterdam Major victory. Although some would argue it was G2's March 2022 Winter Major, since Gen.G's major-winning roster was made up of two Europeans and only one North American player.

Nevertheless, G2 Stride's victory at "LANdon" extends their RLCS grand final streak to eight and silences many a naysayer. Not only did they win, but they did so in dominant fashion with a 4-1 victory over a Team Falcons that nearly the entire venue was calling the best team at the event.

All eyes are now on NA's superteam, eager to see if they can maintain their level of performance through the upcoming RLCS 2024 World Championship.

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