The newest collector’s cache is out with 18 brand-new sets for Dota 2. We put together a list of our favorites of the bunch!

Despite the toxicity, the complaining, and the copium after losses, the Dota 2 community can be amazing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Collector’s Cache.

Each year, the community votes on the best sets made by other members of the community. The ones with the most votes go into the Collector’s Cache, which you can purchase for a little over $2. These sets also give you up 36 Battle Pass levels.

Best Collector’s Cache sets

As usual, the sets this year where incredible. You can tell lots of people worked hard on them. The Dota 2 staff here compared notes and decided to give you a list of our top five best sets from this year’s Collector’s Cache. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is our list!

Tiny-Astral Origins

Tiny Ultimate Astral Origins Set
Tiny Ultimate Astral Origins Set. Image via Valve Corporation.

We just had to put the rarest set on here. It’s magnificent. I don’t how these set creators do it, but somehow they outdo themselves every time. The space theme with the incredible mix of blues and purples with just sprinkles of colors look masterful. The giant space tree with the orange suns inside really ties the whole look together. This is one of the sets that pretty much all of our team here thought was just incredible. Even on the inside of this set, you can see the giant sun rotating, which is supremely gorgeous.

Max Tiny Ultimate Astral Origins Set
Max Tiny Ultimate Astral Origins Set. Image via Valve Corporation.

Chen-Hounds of Obsession

Chen's Hounds of Obsession Set
Chen’s Hounds of Obsession Set. Image via Valve Corporation.

Creepy and evil-looking Chen? Sign me up. This set has one of the most unique models for a Chen mount that I’ve ever seen. The idea to base the mount off of Cerberus, the dog that guards the underworld in Greek mythology, is such a cool touch. It’s also cool that the head seems to represent two different elements. Chen himself looks mysterious and powerful, which I think fits well into his persona, even though this is a darker-themed set.

Snapfire – Whippersnapper

Snapfire's Whippersnapper Set
Snapfire’s Whippersnapper Set. Image via Valve Corporation.

Heroes with mounts are awesome, and the Snapfire sets we all had to vote on were incredible. This set is no exception. It’s hard to make a crocodile or alligator look adorable. But look at Mortimer! He’s so cute. Combined with the spaceship compartment for Beatrix here, it’s a great look. I even like her outfit, as she looks like a swamp researcher or explorer. It’s nice to see new sets for the granny!

Riki – Scarlet Subversion

Riki's Scarlet Subversion Set
Riki’s Scarlet Subversion Set. Image via Valve Corporation.

It’s always good to have new ninja sets in the game, too. Inspired by the nine-tailed fox from Japanese folklore, this look for Riki really shines. It’s a nice incorporation of his usual color scheme while throwing in the crimson and red to really make the set pop. It plays into Riki’s assassin feel and playstyle while adding new and unique flavor. It’s all around a really cool set.

Clockwerk – Seadog’s Stash

Clockwerk's Seadog's Stash Set
Clockwerk’s Seadog’s Stash Set. Image via Valve Corporation.

It wouldn’t be a top five list without a fun set! Here’s Clockwerk wearing a pirate outfit! It’s excellent without further notes. I’m also a big fan of the robot parrot next to him carrying a stick of dynamite. It also matches Clockwerk’s own face, which just adds to the ridiculousness. It’s good to have fun sets like these that you can just get a little silly with it.

And that’s our top five list of the best sets from the Collector’s Cache! What did you think? Do you agree with our list? What are your favorite sets? Let us know on social media!

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Christian Decker

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