BTS Pro Series is here to quench our hunger for more Dota 2 action in this post-TI void.

Beyond The Summit (BTS) Pro Series Dota 2 begins again in Southeast Asia and the Americas, this time during the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) off-season. The tournament, holding an attractive $40,000 USD prize pool in each region, will go on from November 19th to December 10th.

Fans can tune in to the Americas and SEA action to see favorite powerhouses and local, rising, teams engage in the midst of this stormy roster shuffle season. Some top teams might even reveal their official rosters for the upcoming DPC season in this tournament!

Here are more details regarding the BTS Pro Series Season 13 for SEA and the Americas.

Participants for SEA and the Americas

Southeast Asia fields an interesting lineup with the return of Geek Fam, a new roster for Fnatic, Neon, and more. As for now, some of the highly anticipated rosters have not yet been announced.

Here is the full lineup for BTS Pro Series S13 SEA:

  • Fnatic
  • Execration
  • Army Geniuses
  • Lilgun
  • Neon Atomic
  • Geek Fam
  • SPAWN Team
  • Unity Gaming
  • Purple Paradox

The Americas is just as interesting with a possibly new TSM lineup, the debut of new-era beastcoast, and Thunder Awaken’s new roster. However, unlike BTS Pro Series for SEA, the Americas have a different format that separates the tournament into three phases.

Here is the full lineup for BTS Pro Series S13 Americas:

BTS Pro Series 13 Americas Teams

Phase 1

  • Infamous
  • Team Dogchamp
  • No Runes
  • Alpha
  • The Cut
  • Cringe Crew
  • Team Brasil

Phase 2

  • Thunder Awaken
  • Hokori
  • Wildcard Gaming
  • Infinity

Phase 3

  • TBD
  • TSM [Full roster TBD]
  • beastcoast
  • nouns [Full roster TBD]

BTS Pro Series S13 Date and Schedule

Southeast Asia

The tournament begins on November 21st and ends on December 10th.

  • Group Stage: November 21st – December 4th
  • Playoffs: December 6th – 10th [Will be updated once Group Stage is complete]

For Group Stage, the first game of the day usually begins at 5 PM SGT. Some days begin at 3 PM SGT.

DateMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4
Nov 21Atomic vs AGUG vs XERXIASPAWN vs Lilgun
Nov 22Atomic vs LilgunSPAWN vs UGXERXIA vs PP
Nov 23Xctn vs AGSPAWN vs AtomicLilgun vs PP
Nov 24Fnatic vs XERXIASPAWN vs PPXctn vs Atomic
Nov 25Fnatic vs SPAWNGF vs PPXctn vs Lilgun
Nov 26XERXIA vs AtomicGF vs LilgunFnatic vs XctnAG vs PP
Nov 27Atomic vs PPFnatic vs UGXctn vs GFXERXIA vs AG
Nov 28UG vs LilgunFnatic vs AtomicSPAWN vs GF
Nov 29Fnatic vs PPSPAWN vs AGXctn vs XERXIA
Nov 30GF vs AtomicUG vs AGXctn vs PP
Dec 1GF vs XERXIAUG vs PPXctn vs SPAWN
Dec 2GF vs UGXERXIA vs LilgunFnatic vs AG
Dec 3AG vs SPAWNFnatic vs GFXctn vs UGSPAWN vs XERXIA
Dec 4Fnatic vs LilgunUG vs AtomicGF vs AG


The tournament begins on November 19th and ends on December 10th. It is divided into three parts:

  • Phase 1: Play-ins
  • Phase 2: Group Stage [Will be updated once Phase 1 is complete]
  • Phase 3: Playoffs [Will be updated once Phase 2 is complete]

Phase 1: Play-ins

Phase 2: Group Stage

DateMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4

BTS Pro Series S13 Prize pool distribution

The BTS Pro Series offers $40,000 total prize money for each region. Here is how it will be distributed:

RankingPrize Money (SEA)
5th – 6th$1,600
7th – 8th$1,000
9th – 10th$500
RankingPrize Money (Americas)
5th – 6th$1,575
7th – 8th$900
9th – 12th$500
13th – 16th

Where to watch

You can tune in to the BTS Pro Series matches on BTS’s Twitch channel. Find out more details regarding the tournament on these Liquipedia pages:


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