Apex Legends players aren’t having a good time with Revenant Uprising cover image

Apex Legends players aren’t having a good time with Revenant Uprising

It appears the Apex Legends community isn’t having a great time playing this LTM.

Apex Legends introduced Revenant Uprising, a new LTM along with its latest collection event update. The Uprising Collection event added the Revenant Uprising LTM, and the gameplay is reportedly dire.

Players are divided into two teams: the Revenant Army team and the Legends team. Players on the Legends team can pick their Legends and play the game regularly, with its weapons and stuff. Meanwhile, the Revenant Army team is supposed to run around playing as Revenant and kill all players on the Legends team before they evacuate. But this unique LTM apparently isn't as fun as imagined, and players are heading online to voice their complaints.

Players complain Revenant Army Gameplay is boring and limited

Among the most prominent complaints about Revenant Uprising is how boring it is to play as a Revenant Army player. All Revenant Army players can do is run around, melee enemy players and use Revenant's leap ability with a cooldown. Of course, the idea is to kill as many players and convert them into Revenant Army. But the gameplay itself is apparently boring. It also doesn't help that the only way Revenant Army players can open doors is by melee-ing them three times, and they can't use weapons.

So the experience of playing Revenant in this game mode is to chase players who have guns while you don't and hope you manage to kill them. You keep respawning across the map when you die. Needless to say, it isn't exactly fun and feels like a running simulator. One where you're a sitting duck more often than not until enough legends are turned into Revenants.

The Revenant Uprising gameplay experience is often one-sided

Another common complaint about the game mode is how one-sided the gameplay experience feels. Players in the Revenant Army don't exactly enjoy the experience of playing as sitting ducks for legends to shoot with guns while all they have is slightly stronger melee attacks and no shields. It's an endless process of dying, respawning, and chasing someone again. On the other hand, eventually, enough Legend team players turn into Revenant Army and it quickly turns into a clean sweep victory for the Revenant Army.

The Apex Legends community just wants Winter Express back

It's the Winter festive season again and yet again, Respawn Entertainment has refused to give us the Winter Express game mode. The Apex Legends community has been endlessly calling on the developers to add the popular festive game mode back to the game. Instead, we get a poorly thought-out Shadows vs Legends retake in Revenant Uprising. It also doesn't help that Revenant Uprising succeeds the Three Strikes LTM which was among the game's most beloved LTM releases in recent updates.

It's clear as day to see what Respawn Entertainment tried with this LTM but they didn't execute it well. In addition to the game mode's boredom, it's also got fundamental flaws. Like the ring constantly closing in on players. Revenant's gameplay being boring leads to converted Revenant Army players leaving when they turn. Additionally, Revenant Army players respawning outside the zone get caught in an infinite loop of dying and respawning. So a swing and a miss for Apex Legends with the Revenant Uprising LTM.

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