Gamers may have a little XDefiant, as a treat.

A small but significant amount of news about XDefiant came out of today’s (June 12) Ubisoft Forward showcase. Though many people hoped for a solid release date for XDefiant, Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at Ubisoft, instead announced an open session later this month to help prepare the game for final release as well as a loose release timeframe of later this summer and a year one content schedule.

What is XDefiant?

XDefiant is an upcoming free-to-play, multiplayer, FPS that features factions from various different Ubisoft titles. Players will be able to face off in 6v6 online matches and play in a “fast-paced arena shooter”, according to the developers. So far, it has been confirmed that the game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The dates for XDefiant's open session (Image via Ubisoft)
The dates for XDefiant's open session (Image via Ubisoft)

When is the open session?

Today's Ubisoft Forward announced that the open session for XDefiant will be on June 21 to June 23. At that time, anyone will be able to play the game, unlike the earlier closed betas for the game. The official XDefiant Twitter also announced that players who participated in the closed beta will be able to play in the open session one day earlier on June 20.

What will XDefiant have at launch?

The developers have announced that, at launch, XDefiant will have a six-week long preseason. On release, the game will have 12 maps, 24 weapons, and five factions sourced from other Ubisoft games. For more information on those factions, check out our breakdown here.

The Year One content schedule will have four new factions, 12 new weapons, and 12 new maps. All of this upcoming content will be inspired by other Ubisoft games. So far four modes have been confirmed. These modes are Domination, Occupy, Zone Control, and Escort. No new game modes were announced for XDefiant at the Ubisoft Forward Showcase.

XDefiant Year One content schedule (Image via Ubisoft)
XDefiant Year One content schedule (Image via Ubisoft)

When will we get a solid release date?

It seems likely that a more solid release date will come out after the open session has closed. Hopefully, if the open session goes well and few changes are needed, we will see a July or early August release date.

We’ll be sure to update you here as soon as more information on XDefiant is announced. For more game announcements and esports news, check back on!

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