Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC all received the game at launch, but will it run on macOS?

Ubisoft's first-person arena shooter, XDefiant, has been a massively popular launch. The hype is off the charts, with big-name streamers jumping into the game ever since its release. So, can you play XDefiant on Mac?

Is XDefiant available on Mac?

No. Unfortunately, XDefiant is not available on macOS. As is often the case with competitive games, Ubisoft has no plans to bring the game to the platform.

There is some speculation on social media about the reasons behind the decisions. But it largely comes down to the Anti-Cheat required for running the game.

Image via Ubisoft
Image via Ubisoft

Both BattleEye and Easy Anti-Cheat don't support macOS natively. Thus, any game utilizing these will be unable to run securely on the platform. This theory is further substantiated by the game's ability to run on Linux, which supports both AC platforms thanks to the popular Steam Deck.

Can you use CrossOver to play XDefiant?

Users might instinctively turn to CrossOver for running XDefiant on Mac. But unfortunately this alternative will not work either. CrossOver, too, is unable to run XDefiant due to the Anti-Cheat problem. The issue stems from these Anti-Cheats being Windows Kernel Modules, thus failing to start on CrossOver.

Will XDefiant come to macOS?

Unfortunately for Mac gamers, it looks like XDefiant may be out of your library. Ubisoft has not announced any plans for a Mac version. The developer also has not supported the platform with their previous games, thus making an XDefiant port nearly impossible. All we can hope for is that Anti-Cheat developers eventually bring support to the platform, maybe with a (monetary) nudge from Apple.

For now, though, Mac users are better off dusting off their old PCs from the attic, as XDefiant's system requirements aren't all that crazy.

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