Not yet, but Mac players should not rule out the game’s availability on MacOS devices just yet.

One of the most anticipated FPS title releases in 2023 is Counter-Strike 2. Slated for a Summer 2023 release, Counter-Strike 2 brings improved graphics, new responsive smokes and significantly better gameplay. But for one section of the Counter-Strike fanbase, a perpetual question remains. So, is Counter-Strike 2 coming to Mac?

Is Counter-Strike 2 available on Mac?

As of now, CS2 is not playable on Mac. The developers did not announce CS2 will be available on Mac despite its release on September 27, 2023 this year.

As technology advances, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue support for older hardware, including DirectX 9 and 32-bit operating systems. Similarly, we will no longer support macOS. Combined, these represented less than one percent of active CS:GO players.


While CS2 is not available for Mac, the game is also not going to come to consoles. The latest gen consoles have more than enough processing power, however, FPS games are simply best enjoyed with a Mouse and keyboard.

<em>CS2 is not available on macOS as of September 2023. Image Credit: Valve.</em>
CS2 is not available on macOS as of September 2023. Image Credit: Valve.

So for now, if you want to play Counter-Strike 2 on your Mac, you will have to use Bootcamp. Of course, you need to make sure that you have access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Beta before you boot up your Mac to play the game.

You will have to ensure your Mac has an Intel chip and potentially at least 64 GB of free space available. Bootcamp installs Windows on your Mac, but unless you are sure you want to install Windows on your Mac, we do not recommend doing this just to try out the game.

CS:GO was one of the first FPS titles to feature cross-play between PC and Mac. However, Valve has not gone the Mac way with CS2. The Source 2 engine is also mostly focused on PCs.

Will Counter-Strike 2 be available on macOS?

Counter-Strike 2 is not available to play on macOS.

In terms of capability, most of the newer Macs are more than capable of handling the graphics request of Counter-Strike 2. However, it would largely depend on the minimum system requirements that Valve officially releases post the game’s launch.

Counter-Strike 2 is a brand new game, a free upgrade to the ever-popular Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The game features significant graphics upgrades, responsive smokes, and a new sub-tick system. The sub-tick system will ensure players with greater computer power will be able to utilize the game’s improved graphics to their full potential. At the same time, it will also ensure that the game remains afresh and exciting for the casual player.