Valve’s focusing on the PC market for now.

Counter-Strike 2 has officially launched and anyone can download and play the game on PC. The new Counter-Strike title has a lot of improvements over its predecessor and carries the legacy forward of being the premier FPS title. However, is CS2 available on all platforms including the PS5 and the Xbox Series X? Here's what we know.

Will CS2 Be on PS5? 

CS2 will not be available on PS5 or Xbox X. There are no plans to bring the game to consoles and Valve will continue to focus on PC. 

Despite being best played using a Mouse and Keyboard, there is a decent number of players that also play CS2 on their consoles. With PS5 being the latest release, we can expect a lot of PS5 players waiting to try out CS2 on their consoles.

We always recommend using a Mouse and Keyboard for CS2 since the game is developed for PC players. 

Will CS2 Be on Xbox S|X?

Similar to its fate with PS5, Counter-Strike fans should not expect CS2 to arrive on the Xbox platforms either. 

The latest gen consoles released in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic. The massive surge in demand resulted in depleted stocks further fuelling demand. However, despite their popularity, it seems Valve is not interested in bringing CS2 to either console. 

Was CS:GO playable on consoles?

Image Credit: Valve
Image Credit: Valve

Counter-Strike Global Offensive released all the way back in 2012. The game, which had a rough start, is playable on both PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. 

Valve has primarily been focused on PC games. Dota Underlords is the only Valve game in recent memory that has been developed for more than just PC. Dota Underlords was built for mobile as well, although the game itself failed to take off.

The Source 2 engine has only ever appeared on PC systems, which means fans can expect CS2 to only be available on PC as well. The majority of Valve’s success comes from PC games and the Steam platform, as such it makes sense for the company to continue on its successes.  

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