She has been officially confirmed, and we’ve gotten a peek into her personality thanks to some drip marketing.

Information about Zhezhi were leaked to the Wuthering Waves community after the release of version 1.1. However, little was known about her. Now, the situation has slightly changed thanks to the official announcement from the developers. Here is all the information revealed so far about Wuthering Waves' Zhezhi.

A commissioned painter: Zhizhi drip marketing

The social account of Wuthering Waves shared drip marketing for Zhizhi on July 8.

Zhizhi looks cute and even fragile. She is a dedicated painter, but we can expect her to turn into a mighty Resonator when it comes to battling monsters.

Zhizhi in Wuthering Waves 1.2

The first leak about this character appeared right after the release of version 1.1. A leaker known as Donut shared some information about Zhezhi and Xiangli Yao — basically just the names and some sound effects.

While Xiangli Yao is already known in Wuthering Waves as Huaxu Academy’s chief researcher, Zhezhi is totally new to the game. Now, it’s pretty much clear that the Zhezhi banner will be available in Wuthering Waves 1.2.

Zhezhi weapons and kit

According to the leaks, Zhezhi in Wuthering Waves fights with pistols and deals Glacio damage. The developers have succeeded in creating a mystery around her character.

All we know about Zhezhi’s kit is the sound effects for her in battle. We can clearly hear the gunshots in the leak. Some sounds are similar to Sanhua’s kit, and she is a Glacio Resonator.

How to unlock Wuthering Waves Zhezhi

Like the other 5-star characters in Wuthering Waves, players can obtain Zhezhi from a time-limited banner that will be active during version 1.2.

To have a guaranteed drop of this character, you may want to perform 80 pulls, which guarantees one 5-star character.

When is Zhezhi available?

We can expect Zhezhi’s featured Resonator Convene to start right after one for Jinhsi — on July 22.

It’s always great to have some mystery around new characters and then discover the details directly in the game. Stay tuned on more more news and updates.