They’re both main DPS characters, but Jinhsi and Changli alike have their own strengths.

Wuthering Waves 1.1 expands the story and map of the game, along with introducing two new, amazing characters. If you're strapped on Astrites and can't pull for both, should you choose Changli or Jinhsi?

Is Jinhsi better than Changli?

Let's first discuss Jinhsi, the currently featured character.

This is the first reason you would pick Jinhsi over Changli. If you want a new character now, you can do that. Aesthetically, her design is beautiful and meticulous. The most important part of her design, however, is the Jue. The massive dragon incorporated into all of her attacks and animations is pretty cool.

Now, onto her gameplay advantages. She is a 5-star Spectro Broadblade character. She's a perfect pull if you already have a Broadblade waiting (or planning to roll for the weapon). She is a main DPS, so that would also mean you need support and hybrid units that synergize with her, like Verina.

If done right, Jinhsi can output incredible burst.

She requires some form of min-maxing to play effectively, but her skill floor isn't high at all. On the plus side, farming her best Echo (Jue) is easy as it only drops as Spectro as of Wuthering Waves 1.1.

Choose Jinhsi if:

  • You like her design, animations, and appearance.
  • You like her gameplay.
  • You have units and/or weapons that have good synergy with her, like Verina and Yinlin.
  • You want a character whose value and damage output is easy to maximize.
  • You want to have a new character now.
  • You want an easier time farming Echoes for your new character.

Is Changli better than Jinhsi?

Changli's banner will come in the second half of Wuthering Waves 1.1. This gives you more time to save Astrites to guarantee her and her weapon if you wish.

She may lack the massive Jue that Jinhsi has by her side, but the charm of Changli's design lies in the little things. Put simply, she has a stacking mechanic on her which also reflects visually, changing her appearance and burning areas of her body.

She was put under the limelight with a sick animation sequence in the Main Quest added in Wuthering Waves 1.1. Jinhsi had the same, but Changli's looked better in our opinion.

Gameplay-wise, she's a 5-star Fusion Sword character. She is also a DPS character that has multiple forms and the aforementioned stacking mechanic. She's not available yet, so data is insufficient, but she does seem harder to maximize compared to Jinhsi.

Choose Changli if:

  • You like her design, animations, and appearance.
  • You like her gameplay.
  • You don't mind a more difficult playstyle, managing her forms and stacks.
  • You don't mind waiting for her banner, or want to save up on Astrites before rolling.