Read the patch notes of Wuthering Waves 1.1 here.

Wuthering Waves 1.1 "Thaw of Eons" is out! The highly-anticipated update brings forth new Resonators, new Weapons, new set of Echoes, game events, and so much more. Catch up with all new additions and changes in the Wuthering Waves 1.1 patch notes below!

Patch Notes - Wuthering Waves 1.1

  • 5-star Jinhsi [via the Thawborn Renewal Featured Resonator Convene]
  • 5-star Changli [via the Vermillion's Ploy Featured Resonator Convene]


  • 5-star Ages of Harvest [via Absolute Pulsation Featured Weapon Convene]
  • 5-star Blazing Brilliance [via Absolute Pulsation Featured Weapon Convene]


  • Mt. Firmament - Unlock by completing the Main Quest "A New Companion".
  • Sentinel Jue
  • Lumiscale Construct [Elite Class]
  • Lightcrusher [Elite Class]
  • Glacio Dreadmane [Elite Class]
  • Dwarf Cassowary [Common Class]
  • Lava Larva [Common Class]
  • Clang Bang [Common Class]


  • New Story: Main Quest Chapter 1 Act 7 Thaw of Eons
  • Changli's Companion Story: Immortal Blaze
  • Gifts of Gratitude - Limited-Time Login Rewards
  • Gifts of Celestial Light - Daily Login Rewards
  • Mt. Firmament Area Events
  • Depths of Illusive Realm - Dreams Ablaze in Darkness
  • Tactical Simulacra - Limited-Time Combat Event
  • Lollo Campaign - Limited-Time Commission Event.

Other New Content:

  •  New Phantom Appearances: Altered: Lightcrusher, Altered: Clang Bang
  • New Tactical Hologram: Crownless
  • New Dishes: Sweet & Sour Pork and Lemon-Braised Pork can increase the drop rate of Echoes. Caltrop Stir Fry and Stuffed Tofu can increase the yield of materials from enemies defeated in the open world.

Echo Upgrading:

  • Medium Tuners and Advanced Tuners can now be synthesized into higher-grade Tuners with the Synthesis feature.
  • Optimized the gameplay of the Tacet Field and increased the drop rate of Elite Class Echoes.
  • Lowered the Shell Credits required for upgrading Echoes.

Data Bank:

  • Raised the level cap for the Data Bank to Lv. 21. (After reaching Lv. 21, all Echoes dropped will be guaranteed to be of 5-Star Rarity.)
  • You will now be able to gain additional Union EXP when unlocking new Echo entries.

Daily Activity Points:

  • Increased the number of daily Activity Points tasks to reduce the difficulty of earning Daily Activity Points.
  • Removed Incomplete Echoes from the reward pool for reaching 100 Daily Activity Points. Now, only Overlord Class, Calamity Class, and Elite Class Echoes (COST 3 – COST 4 Echoes) will be rewarded.


  • Added the Layered Map feature to the new Mt. Firmament area.

Exploration Progress:

  • Some Area Quests will now contribute to Exploration Progress, making it easier to achieve 100% progress in those areas.
  • Expanded the detection range of Lootmapper.
  • You can now track the Area Quests you haven't accepted yet via Map > Exploration Progress > Area Quests.


  • Added the Resonators gallery feature Crossing Stars in Gallery.
  • Added the Main Quests and Companion Stories recap feature in Gallery.

Main Quests:

  • Adjusted the requirement to unlock Main Quest Chapter 1 Act 4: Clashing Blades from Union Lv. 14 to Union Lv. 11.
  • Removed the Union Level requirements to unlock Main Quests Chapter 1 Act 5: Rewinding Raindrops and Act 6: Grand Warstorm. They will now become available once the preceding chapter quests are completed.


Kuro Games will gift all players compensations for the waiting time during server maintenance and bug fixes. You can claim x600 Astrites and x2 Crystal Solvents in the Mail but it will only be available 6 hours after the update launches. Just log into the game and make sure to claim it before the next update 1.2 arrives.

On top of these new additions in the Wuthering Waves 1.1, the patch notes also included a TON of control changes, UI improvements, and bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes here.

Stick around for more Wuthering Waves updates!