A simple way to solve missing Survey Tasks in Wuthering Waves.

Kuro Games launched the Wuthering Exploration limited-time special event on June 13. If you've reached Union Level 14 and above, you'll be able to participate in this simple and lucrative event. However, a lot of players have reported that the "Survey Tasks" are not showing in their game. Here's how to fix it.

Fix Survey Tasks not showing in Wuthering Exploration

As simple as it sounds, just restarting the game will do the trick! Close and "Force Stop" your Wuthering Waves application if on mobile. If you're playing on PC, just shut down the program or go to "Task Manager" and select "End task" for the running Wuthering Waves program.

A lot of users reported that restarting the game worked to show the Survey Tasks in Wuthering Exploration event. Once available, you can see two Survey Tasks on the left-hand-side of your screen on the Wuthering Exploration event tab. The tasks would describe simple tasks like "Upgrade any Echo 1 time" and "Defeat 5 enemies".

(Image via Kuro Games)
(Image via Kuro Games)

What is Wuthering Exploration?

Wuthering Exploration is a new limited-time event that will expire on June 27 right before the daily reset at 4:00 Server Time. This event is only available to those of Union Level 14 and above, so make sure to grind some quests to reach that level.

This special event gives two daily Survey Tasks. Completing these will let you reach milestones and earn rewards. The total rewards you can get from Wuthering Exploration is 800 Astrites, an Elite Class Echo I, a Morphable Elite Class Echo II, a Premium Tuner, and a Premium Sealed Tube!

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