A new limited-time special event is here!

Kuro Games just launched a new limited-time special event called Wuthering Exploration in its popular title, Wuthering Waves. Here's everything you need to know about the event including the event duration, how to play, and rewards.

Wuthering Exploration event duration

Wuthering Exploration begins today on June 13 and ends on June 27 at 3:59 Server Time (9:59 CET).

The special event is a limited-time event which means there will be a deadline to when it is active. Players have a total of 15 days to make the most out of Wuthering Exploration before it expires on June 27. This also means that the event will end right before the exciting 1.1 version release!

How to play Wuthering Exploration in Wuthering Waves

(Image via Kuro Games)
(Image via Kuro Games)

As simple as it sounds, this event merely requires you to complete Exploration Quests. Everyday, the Pioneer Association will release two Exploration Quests which involves tasks like gathering collectibles, defeating Tacet Discords, upgrading weapons, and synthesizing materials. Complete these daily Exploration Quests to reach certain milestones and earn rewards.

This event and its daily quests will focus on the Central Plains of Huanglong. So stand by near the location and claim the nearest Resonance Beam for easy travel!

To access Wuthering Exploration you must have a minimum of Union Level 14. So make sure to grind those levels quickly otherwise you won't be able to participate.

All rewards you can obtain

(Image via Kuro Games)
(Image via Kuro Games)

Throughout the fifteen-day special event, you'll be able to unlock a wide range of rewards. This includes a hefty number of Astrites and high-rarity Echoes. Check out all rewards from Wuthering Exploration below!

  • 800 Astrites
  • Elite Class Echo I
  • Morphable Elite Class Echo II
  • Premium Tuner
  • Premium Sealed Tube

And that sums up everything about the new special event! Make sure to keep up with more news and updates on esports.gg!