WoW Race to World First Amirdrassil (RWF) Tracker: Who will fell Fyrakk the Blazing first? cover image

WoW Race to World First Amirdrassil (RWF) Tracker: Who will fell Fyrakk the Blazing first?

The WoW RWF returns as guilds attempt to brave the mythic difficulty of Amirdrassil and defeat Fyrakk the Blazing

The race has almost begun as the mythic difficulty of Amirdrassil, World of Warcraft’s latest raid, will be released on (Nov. 14), kicking off WoW’s next Race for World First (RWF). Top guilds from around the world will race to try and clear the monstrous denizens of the World Tree of the Emerald Dream. 

Prospective home of the Night Elves on the Dragon Isle, Amirdrassil seems to have a few issues, namely being occupied by Fyrakk, who seeks to spread eternal fire across Azeroth. And so players need to head in and kick Fyrakk and the rest of his flaming minions' asses.

There’s nine bosses to defeat, from Gnarlroot to Tindral, and finally Fyrakk himself. But which guild will be the first to conquer the fallen World Tree of Amirdrassil.

The Amirdrassil RWF guilds

Here’s some of the top guilds to keep an eye on during the Amirdrassil RWF:

Team Liquid

Team Liquid are the reigning RWF champs having taken down Scalecommander Sarkareth to claim victory in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. The victory ended a three-raid streak of heart-breaking defeats for Team Liquid, that had seen some brutal races. Notably, the Sepulchre of the First Ones race which went on for almost 20 days. They’re the favorites again, but the rest of the teams won’t make it easy.


The EU raiding kings, Echo had a dominant performance for much of Shadowlands, and even the Vault of the Incarnates in Dragonflight. But after a narrow defeat in May 2022, they’re back to try and reclaim a world first.


The old guard of raiding, Method’s rise from the ashes of controversy into a top raiding guild has been incredible, but a victory has lay just out of reach. Now Method has pulled out all the stops for this RWF, taking a portion of their raiding team to 1337 Camp in Germany.

Live WoW Amirdrassil RWF Tracker

Stay tuned for live tracking of the RWF:

Nov. 26

  • Victory article here:
  • Echo has done it! They take down Mythic Fyrakk at 00:21 their time, 15:21p.m. PT. Full article soon!
  • This is crazy: Both Echo and Team Liquid down to sub 2%, with TL on 1.73% and Echo on 1.82%. Echo haven't reached Sub 2 again since their record. But beyond this, Method are now down to 24% which could mean they're in striking distance of a record as well. This race could have a photo finish.
  • At the time of writing Echo just hit a sub-2% pull. We're down the final few hours it seems. Honestly Echo or Team Liquid could take it now!

Nov. 25

  • Teams end the day with Fyrakk at sub 20%. It's going to be a close one on Sunday. After a horrible nerf today, it's been a kinda devastating part of the race, but it's still a neck-and-neck thing.

Nov. 24

Nov. 23

  • Echo is blazing through as much of Mythic Fyrakk as they can before Team Liquid wakes up. They were pushing towards sub-60% just before a break for lunch, and will likely push past 50 and into the later stages of the fight. They're expected to continue late into the night, depending on their progress.

Nov. 22

  • Echo has felled Tindral Sageswift to head into contention with Team Liquid for world-first Mythic Fyrakk. The kill took place in the late evening of Nov. 22 at 11:08 p.m. Echo then pulled Mythic Fyrakk a few times, getting the boss down to 90% before calling it a night. They'll have a strong start on Thursday, with Team Liquid perhaps taking things easy for Thanksgiving!

Nov. 21

  • Team Liquid becomes the first team to pull Mythic Fyrakk. They'll likely just gather weak auras and scope the boss before calling it a night.
  • Tindral Sageswift is down! Team Liquid defeated the boss at around 10:17 p.m. local time after 435 pulls. Method and Echo will start their day on splits and reclears to amass some more gear, but even so, the last 30% of the boss won't go down easy.

Nov. 20

  • Tindral Sageswift is a wall and will likely be the boss that forces this race into week two and beyond, past the reset. There are now a half dozen guilds in contention, and despite some contentious nerfs that came through, Tindral looks to stay alive for now.

Nov. 19

  • Method joins the fray! Having blazed through the last seven bosses, Method are now at 87% on Tindral, with Echo and Team Liquid down to the low 60s.
  • Echo and Team Liquid are now neck and neck, with both teams at around 70% on Tindral Sageswift. Liquid started raiding just a few hours ago, while Echo has been at it all morning. Depending on progress, Echo might go late today to try and clear this barrier boss.

Nov. 18

  • Echo defeats Smolderon to join the race to kill Tindral Sageswift.
  • Echo is so close to a Smolderon kill which would put both team's neck and neck. and on the same boss, Tindral Sageswift
  • Echo finally started progging Mythic and in a single day bulldozed their way all the way to Nymue, and started on Smolderon.
  • Liquid claims World First Smolderon

Nov. 17

  • Team Liquid have raced back into contention, catching up with Instant Dollars in a matter of hours
  • Instant Dollars continue their storm forwards, leading almost every other guild in the dust. They claim Larodar (Mythic) and Nymue (Mythic) World Firsts, and attempt to push their lead further.

Nov. 16

  • Instant Dollars clear Volcross (Mythic) on the first pull, then move on to claim World First Council of Dreams (Mythic). Honolulu are hot on their tail and attempting to best Larodar first

Nov. 15

  • 20:30 p.m. PT Instant Dollars become the first guild to defeat Igira (Mythic)
  • 13:20 a.m. PT Honolulu become just the second guild to defeat Gnarlroot Mythic, with Echo, Liquid and Method concentrating on splits and gearing. The gear jump for this fight is huge, and it makes sense that teams shooting for the RWF are gearing over getting early kills.
  • 05:45 a.m. PT Blue Shoe become the first team to defeat Gnarlroot (Mythic), officially setting the pace for the Mythic race.
  • 03:30 a.m PT Blue Shoe, an NA guild made up of raiders from the Chinese and Taiwanese raiding scene, have become the first guild to complete heroic, defeating Fyrokk the Blazing (Heroic) at around 3 a.m. PT.

Nov. 14

  • 15:00 p.m. PT Echo has retired for the night, going to start off strong when the EU servers are up. Liquid are continuing into the evening.
  • 12:25 p.m. PT Echo storms through the Normal Amirdrassil, grabs a quick kill on Fyrakk (normal) and seems to relax. Probably just here for a bit of info.
  • Nov. 14, 10:40 a.m. PT Servers are up and the teams are racing. Many of the EU teams have started off by raiding on US accounts in order to prevent the staggered release affecting them. Echo is raiding through Heroic and Normal on NA, then will do Mythic when it launches on NA. Team Liquid is starting on Normal as well.

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