Actress Mila Kunis and World of Warcraft are teaming up for a WoW pet bundle to support the war relief in the Ukraine. Also: MURLOC PET!

Many celebrities have been outed over the years as closeted World of Warcraft addicts. However, one of the biggest is former That 70's Show actress Mila Kunis. A longtime player, raider, and WoW supporter, Mila's love of World of Warcraft stands out as a constant topic of choice when doing the talk show circuit. Well, she and Blizzard now look to put that love to good use. In conjunction with Mila Kunis, Blizzard announced today a World of Warcraft pet bundle that will see its sales support relief efforts in Ukraine.

Having moved from Ukraine in 1991, it's a cause close to her heart. She says in a promotional video for the pet bundle that " teaming with the humanitarian relief group BlueCheck that "You don't know where the war is so it's best to affiliate yourself with people on the ground." BlueCheck does just that, helping to allocate aid and relief of all kinds while also vetting those groups to make sure a Wyclef Jean/Haiti situation doesn't happen.

Mila Kunis supports World of Warcraft pet bundle

"I always looked at the gaming community as a very forward-giving community," Kunis says in the video about the World of Warcraft pet bundle. "I love being a part of the World of Warcraft community! It was the first gaming community I was ever a part of, with strangers that didn't really care who I was or what I was." And now she and Blizzard look to raise money the best way they know how: Charity bundles!

This bundle will cost you $20 USD and gives a pet for retail World of Warcraft and WoW Classic, respectively. Sunny the Golden Retriever is available in the main version of WoW and chases her tail, while also occasionally falling asleep. Meanwhile over in WoW Classic you'll get Flurky the baby murloc, carrying the Ukraine national flower, the sunflower.

Bundle on sale until August 29

You'll have until August 29 to get the bundle, with 100 percent of the purchase price of each sale going to BlueCheck. Here's an info dump on what the organization is all about:

BlueCheck Ukraine, co-founded by actor and activist Liev Schreiber, was launched by a collective of humanitarian crisis response experts whose mission is to quickly identify, vet and support grassroots Ukrainian aid organizations that provide critical life-saving and humanitarian work on-the-ground. The organization fast-tracks urgent financial funds to partners who deliver medical care, evacuate orphans, provide shelter for people driven from their homes, take care of senior citizens, supply drinking water, and quickly respond to many more urgent needs of Ukrainians affected by the war.

This bundle is fantastic and, if you know anything about me, I'm not one to turn down a murloc pet. Get your before August 29. if Mila Kunis and World of Warcraft want to sell me a murloc then they've already got my money.

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