The April Trading Post bonus reward is here! Learn how to score the Blades of Elune transmog before the month of April is over.

The April Trading Post offerings have been revealed and with it comes a new bonus reward. Continuing the suspected trend of Night Elf and Elune objects, it appears as though the April bonus reward for reaching 1000 points in the Traveler's Log is none other than a transmog of the Blades of Elune. These will definitely pair nicely with the datamined Moon Warden armor coming somewhere down the line.

Here's how to make sure you score some new blades.

How to get the Blades of Elune transmog

The Bonus Reward comes when players successfully earns 1000 points in the Traveler's Log. This is found on your Adventure Guide button and will refresh with new rewards for April by the next reset on Tuesday. The Blades of Elune await players who max out the log, via a number of quests, normal play, crafting, and special tasks.

It's important to remember that a number of the tasks in the log are completed via typical WoW gameplay. This includes Traveler's Log points for clearing a certain number of bosses and dungeons. Pro-tip: These two tasks include legacy content, so don't be afraid when the game asks you to defeat 25 raid bosses. Just head over to an old raid with a lot of bosses such as Siege of Ogrimmar, grab some transmogs, and get your points.

Trader's Tender rewards for April

Along the way to filling out the Traveler's Log you'll also earn Trader's Tender. Use this currency each month to buy the selection of items on sale at the Trading Post.

You can check out the full list over on Blizzard's blue post. However, the highlights this month include a new Cloud Serpent mount, a quirky battle pet, some Fine White Evening Gloves, and an amazing fist weapon transmog.

You'll have a full month to clear the Traveler's Log and score your Blades of Elune transmog. Get to work and we'll see you in May for the next reward!

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