Econ grinders, beware: WoW Token restrictions are coming next week cover image

Econ grinders, beware: WoW Token restrictions are coming next week

Blizzard is changing the restrictions on its WoW Token and how it can be purchased… for a very small sect of people.

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the sentence "There will soon be restrictions on buying WoW Tokens?" Joy? Gladness that Blizzard has realized it's ruined their own in-game economies by allowing whales to inflate auction houses? Well, too bad if you thought that was where this was going.

Announced earlier today in a Blue Post, it appears there are WoW Token restrictions coming, and next week. However, said changes directly affect the ability to buy WoW Tokens with gold--at least until you spend some actual money on the game.

Ain't capitalism grand?

What are the new WoW Token restrictions?

Players who pay for their World of Warcraft subscription solely in WoW Tokens will now have to spend real-world money on the game to continue doing so. Specifically, Blizzard says the following:

Players will no longer be allowed to purchase a WoW Token from the Auction House or the in-game Shop for gold if they have not spent real money to purchase and consume at least 30 days of game time (a “Time Limited License”) since 2017.

If you're confused, allow me to elaborate. There's plenty of folks who play WoW who pay for their monthly subscription purely through grinding out gold. In turn, they can take that lucrative gig of winning the auction house, buy WoW Tokens, and never pay a single cent. That is certainly one way to do things, but it appears Blizzard wants to crack down on such scenarios with its new WoW Token restrictions.

So, if you haven't spent any real money on this game since 2017 you'll have to do so before continuing the gold to WoW Token grind. This change only focuses on a small sect of the player base, but it's a strange one all the same. Does this mean there are enough people playing World of Warcraft actively that haven't paid for a sub since 2017?

Do those people go outside? Are they okay? Maybe now we'll find out as they re-enter the workforce.

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