We spoke with heat, Vivo Keyd’s duelist and one of the biggest promises in professional scene. English translation by our Brazilian editorial team!

Vivo Keyd debuted last Friday at Valorant Champions 2021. The result is still being reviewed by the competition organizer, but nothing dimmed the brilliance of one of the greatest Brazilian players: heat. He is one of the most promising players on the scene, a key figure in the team and a natural entertainer in-game.

Esports Brazil had the opportunity to talk to Vivo Keyd’s heat in his native language and presents this English translation by Giuseppe Carrino for our English readers!

Heat, in his game against ACEND – Photo: Valorant Esports

Esports.gg Brasil: One question we’ve wanted to ask you since qualifying for the VCT Masters Berlin is about your personality. You’re a talented player, and you’ve been proving this often. But this also brings certain expectations about your performance. Do you believe that the fact that there’s so much hype about you could influence your playstyle?

heat: “I don’t think so. I’ve already proved to everyone that I’m a top player. So, I believe that being here (at Champions) is something very gratifying for me.”

Esports.gg Brasil: Many foreign teams consider Brazil a lower region. We didn’t have good results in the two Masters this year, and now we had VKS beating FURIA by 2-0 and, despite losing, the Brazilian team gave quite a shock to Sentinels, one of the favorites to win the title. Do you believe that Brazil is on the right path? Can this bring good results in the coming years in the professional scene?

heat: “Definitely it’s just the beginning for Brazil to reach the top. Step by step, as I have already said. So, we have been treading our path and we’ll soon be at the top. I think Brazil, in general, is training excellent players. Coming here, for the second time, brings an extra comfort – we don’t need to feel so pressured, we are calmer. That’s basically it: a matter of experience and patience for Brazil to reach the highest level of Valorant.”

Esports.gg Brasil: Did the fact that you played the VCT Masters Berlin aid a bit to contain the restlessness of being on a stage?

heat: “Absolutely. Speaking for myself, I’m a very, how can I put this… my personality is very strong. So, regarding the pressure, I end up trying my best to calm the team down. So we came a little calmer. Besides, I think that the fact that we arrived for the first time and that I’m on the team, gives peace of mind.

Heat and mwzera, after winning the Breeze map, against ACEND – Photo: Valorant Esports

Esports.gg Brasil: How was it playing alongside mwzera? The announcement that he would go to Vivo Keyd on loan generated a lot of expectations, both for the fans and for the team. Now, seeing him on the stage, could you say if all this consistent with mw’s playstyle, especially with him playing as an Initiator?

heat: “Most definitely. As I’ve said in many interviews: he’s an amazing player, very smart, besides having an excellent accuracy. He knows how to play with any agent, so besides being “him”, he adapts with ease. What we tell him to do, he’ll do it and do it very well – this is mwzera’s biggest quality.

Esports.gg: To finish our interview, I would like to know: What are you expectations for the next game and for the Champions?

heat: “I think we are ready to face any team. So, we’ll play with that mindset. The championship isn’t over, we only got past the first step and I think there’s much more to come. We’re still not satisfied, we’re not happy – we want more!”

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Translated by: Giuseppe Carrino

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