Vivo KeyD’s JhoW is the the leader of the new Brazilian Squad. In just three months, they now have an opportunity to qualify for VCT Champions

Expectations were set on Envy to have an easy time getting out of Group B, but when Vivo Keyd put on a strong performance on Icebox, Envy knew they could not underestimate the Brazilian squad in front of them. Known as the group of life, Group B’s opener between Envy and Vivo Keyd was a close one. And while Vivo Keyd ultimately end up losing their opening series to Envy 2-0, the Brazilian squad move forward at VCT Masters Berlin with all eyes on them to perform. Yet, just three months ago, this team was just an idea waiting to be created by Jonathan "JhoW" Glória.

In this interview,’s Sage Datuin speaks to Vivo Keyd VALORANT player JhoW to talk about how he formed Vivo KeyD, how they will move forward at VCT Masters Berlin and having the support of the Brazilian community.

I want to start by asking about your journey through Gamelanders as your first VALORANT team. Could you talk to me about that experience?

KeyD JhoW: It was a very good experience, a very positive experience because of my teammates. I knew them for a very long time before the team formed so I hold good memories and experiences from Gamelanders. When I wanted to make the decision to move over to KeyD, they were supportive of my decision. Overall, it is a positive experience, but I am glad to be here on KeyD.

Talk to me about these past three with KeyD. How did it come together?

KeyD JhoW: Forming the team was an easy process for myself. When I joined KeyD, I had a very clear idea of the type of players I wanted to play with. That being said, the very first player I had on my mind as a must get is Heat. Once he was on the lineup, we built around this two man core and I think we are doing well in such a short time. We still have slip ups as a team, but that is expected. Overall, it is crazy as to how much progress we are making. Moving on forward in VCT Masters Berlin, I feel as if we can really work through some of these issues at the event and make it to the quarterfinals.

In your match against Envy, there was a period in Game 1 during Icebox where you could close it out. What was communication like in that final round?

KeyD JhoW: Honestly, we were at ease in that final round. There was very little pressure and stress on our end. Everyone was very cool. We had peace of mind before going into overtime and even during overtime.  Our problem is that Envy took a lot of rounds before that moment and were gaining more confidence that they could make a comeback. That being said, I feel as if our communication was really good. I am really proud that even during a situation like that, we can stay level-headed.

JhoW is responsible for the creation of Vivo KeyD's VALORANT lineup. Now, he stands a good chance of qualifying for VCT Champions. Image via<a href=""> Riot Flickr</a>.
JhoW is responsible for the creation of Vivo KeyD's VALORANT lineup. Now, he stands a good chance of qualifying for VCT Champions. Image via Riot Flickr.

Coming into this event, you dominate the Brazilian scene after spending very little time as a team. What was that experience like?

KeyD Jhow: Being able to dominate Brazil in such a short time instilled a lot of confidence in us. Moving forward, we are aware that the team is very young and are putting in work to deal with this inexperience. We are working extremely hard to fix some of our issues immediately and efficiently. In three months, I feel as if we are accomplishing a lot and I am proud of the team’s work ethic for making this happen. While we did not get a win against Envy, our tournament is not over yet. We will make a big impact in our next match and continue showing why people need to pay attention to Brazil.

You guys are a very aggressive team, one that holds true to other fps titles Brazil competes in. Do you guys have influences from the Brazilian CS:GO playstyle?

KeyD JhoW: I would say there is not really a direct correlation between Brazilian CS:GO and VALORANT. When you compare our style to Havan Liberty for example, they are way more technical and strategy oriented. Meanwhile, we are more improvised and rely on our firepower and aggression like you mention. Still, both of us put on a good show for the Brazilian region and it is cool to watch.

Havan Liberty are the second seed representing Brazil at VCT Masters Berlin. Image via <a href="">Riot Flickr</a>.
Havan Liberty are the second seed representing Brazil at VCT Masters Berlin. Image via Riot Flickr.

What is it like always having a strong community like Brazil cheering you on?

KeyD Jhow: I can hardly put into words what it feels like. It is very rewarding to feel the love and support. Still, our growth is for ourselves, our team, family and friends. Having positive feedback really means so much to us, especially during losses like this 

So then moving forward in this group, do you have any just final words moving forward in Berlin?

KeyD JhoW: It isn't over yet. We are going to keep our spirits up to continue fighting at this event. Another goal is to make less mistakes like we did today against Envy. If we can do this, I am sure we will be able to reach the playoffs. I would just also like to leave a message of gratitude to my family and friends.

Vivo KeyD will move forward into the elimination match against Zeta Division. The winner of the match will go on to face KRU Esports to see if they will be able to make the playoffs alongside Envy.

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