Version1 goes flawless through NA VALORANT Game Changers Series 1 and 2 cover image

Version1 goes flawless through NA VALORANT Game Changers Series 1 and 2

Version1 is on a historic undefeated run through the 2023 NA VALORANT Game Changers circuit and are showing no signs of slowing down.

The Version1 VALORANT roster has shown utter dominance through NA Game Changers 2023. The team consisting of former Cloud9 White, Immortals, XSET, and Misfits players is on a roll. Through Series 1 and 2, they have two Grand Final victories and haven't dropped a single map.

In fact, they have only let their opposition reach double digit rounds twice through this period. That's not just a winning streak. That is pure domination by Version1 in the VALORANT Game Changers scene and it will take a lot to put a stop to it.

Version1 is 32-0 across all maps in VALORANT NA Game Changers 2023

Led by Melanie "meL" Capone, Version1 has essentially picked up where Cloud9 White left off. They are the clear number one Game Changers team in North America. And they haven't lost a map in a GC series throughout the entire 2023 calendar thus far.

This has seen them best the likes of Complexity, Disguised, and FaZe Clan during their undefeated streak. This is the only the beginning, too. There is still one more series of Game Changers competition to go in North America before we reach the championship tournament.

With the rest of the roster being Ava "florescent" Eugene, Alexis "alexis" Guarrasi, Sarah "sarah" Simpson, and Nicole "Noia" Tierce, Version1 is full of VALORANT talent. They have decimated all expectations by winning 32 maps in a row and being far and above the best NA GC squad.

At this point, they have accumulated the most points in the NA GC circuit. Series 3 is on its way and they'll have a chance to create history and cement themselves a spot at the Game Changers Championship later in the year. Where they are likely to face off against G2 Gozen, in what is a highly anticipated match.

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