Disguised Toast is continuing his hopes of VALORANT success by signing another iteration of DSG Game Changers to compete in NA Series 2.

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang has become a prominent name in the VALORANT space. The popular streamer and content creator joined the esport by signing an NA Challengers roster. He then followed up with a quick DSG Game Changers stint.

While the NA Challengers and original GC teams have dissolved, Disguised will once again be the home of a Game Changers roster. The team's official Twitter announced the new squad, who is coincidentally seeing their first action together in the NA Team Deathmatch Showcase.

New DSG Game Changers team headlined by katarina and hannah

Disguised Toast has been very vocal about the time and cost of maintaining a VALORANT roster. While the success has been varied, there's no doubt that he has brought many more eyes to the FPS with his signed teams and watch parties during their matches.

That will continue with the most recent announcement. Disguised revealed the five starting players for the NA Series 2 DSG Game Changers team, along with the coach. There are plenty of familiar faces here with hefty Game Changers experience. On the team, you'll find:

  • "katarina"
  • Hannah "hannah" Reyes
  • Nathan "nathn" Hoang
  • "misu"
  • "unstable"
  • Chris "chrisyong" Yong (Coach)

Katarina previously played for VersionX, the Version1 Game Changers team. Hannah is known for her time on Gen.G Black. Nathn has had playing time with both Nocturnal and Moon Raccons Black. Next is misu and unstable, who have played multiple times in GC tournaments with unsigned teams and ready to prove themselves with DSG Game Changers.

Last up is coach chrisyong. Previous coaching experience includes Misfits Black for most of 2022 and OREsports in NA Challengers for a large portion of 2023. Together, they'll look to give DSG another chance to stand out in VALORANT.

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