VCT team bundles confirmed for 2024 cover image

VCT team bundles confirmed for 2024

Come February, every team across the four VCT international leagues will have a team bundle that includes a weapon skin and more.

VALORANT players love their weapon skins. There are so many, and those purchases are what keeps the lights on. There's one area VALORANT has yet to explore with their weapon skins, however, and that is VCT team skins or bundles.

That is until now. Global Head of VALORANT Esports Leo Faria has confirmed that VCT team bundles are in the works for 2024. Team-branded gun skins and other accessories, potentially meaning gun buddies and player cards, are arriving soon.

Over $33 million shared from the VCT 2023 Champions bundle

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

While teams have not yet had their own specific set of skins, they have been given a share of the revenue for Champions bundles. The 2023 VALORANT Champions bundle is the most successful to date, and is where it all began for the possibility of VCT team bundles.

Riot Games confirmed that over $33 million from digital items, meaning the Champions bundle, were handed out to teams in 2023. That's more than the prior two years combined. It comes out to over $1 million per partnered team.

Overall, the numbers given state that close to $12 million of it went to players and coaches. And in terms of prize pool, over $3 million was delivered to players and coaches of the $4.5 million total prize money Riot paid out.

Because of the fans and their willingness to support not just VALORANT, but its professional ecosystem, the next logical step is VCT team bundles. This will allow players to represent their favorites all while supporting them financially.

VCT teams bundles launching in February

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

After dishing out the numbers, Leo Faria pulled the trigger on the huge announcement. Each VCT league will start in February, and at that time, VCT team bundles will be available. They'll launch around the time the kick-off tournaments take place.

They won't just suddenly go away after the kick-off tournaments either. The bundles will be available for purchase throughout the entire VCT 2024 season. Every international league team will have a full bundle, with a gun skin. This includes the teams entering the leagues through Ascension.

That also means the new teams announced for VCT China will have their own bundles for you to pick up. That's over 40 unique VCT team bundles. Let's hope they aren't just cosmetic and come with some cool effects like kill banners and finishers.

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