Teams locked in for VCT NA Challengers Stage One Playoffs cover image

Teams locked in for VCT NA Challengers Stage One Playoffs


The North American VCT Challengers playoffs are locked in with 8 teams fighting for two spots and a trip to Iceland.

Following Friday's matches, the teams for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour North America Challengers playoffs have been locked in.

Which teams qualified for VCT NA Challengers Playoffs?

Here are the eight teams that will be competing starting on March 17 for two slots at Masters Reykjavik.
  • The Guard (4-1)
  • Cloud9 (5-0)
  • Sentinels (3-1)
  • Version1 (4-0)
  • Pittsburgh Knights (2-2)
  • Luminosity (2-2)
  • XSET (2-2)
  • OpTic Gaming (2-2)
Matchups and the bracket will largely depend on the next two days of play, with three matches left that will come into play.

North American Valorant continues to be a bloodbath

This means that 100 Thieves, NRG, Evil Geniuses, and Rise have all fallen out of contention. This further shows that, despite growth on all of these rosters, the North American Valorant scene remains cutthroat. Those four organizations will join others in having to qualify for the next round of Challengers events, like T1 or TSM.
Indeed, only two of these organizations will move on. The early predictions have Cloud9, who have remained perfect through the Group Stage, moving on to Reykjavik. The other organizations, such as The Guard, a rebounding Sentinels, Version1, and OpTic Gaming all have a shot as well, but will depend largely on form.

Matches left in Group Stage will largely determine seeding

There are still 4 matches left to play in North America, but those matches will largely be for seeding purposes. 100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses, for example, will not affect the outcome of the group as they have already been eliminated mathematically. The last three matches though, XSET vs LG, SEN vs V1, and Optic vs PK, will all help to determine seeding as many of those teams are currently either tied, or could tie in the standings depending on their finish here. Round differential could come into play, as well.

Rosters for teams competing in playoffs at NA VCT Challengers

The Guard
  • neT
  • Valyn
  • JonahP
  • Sayaplayer
  • trent
  • Coach: mCe
  • mitch
  • leaf
  • xeta
  • xeppaa
  • vania
  • C: Autumn, JamezIRL
  • Shahzam
  • SicK
  • zombs
  • dapr
  • TenZ
  • effys
  • penny
  • zellsis
  • wippie
  • zander
  • C: immi
Pittsburgh Knights
  • XXiF
  • Frosty
  • ban
  • skuba
  • Genghsta
  • C: Ocean
  • moose
  • dazzLe
  • TiGG
  • made
  • bdog
  • C: mac
  • Ayrin
  • BcJ
  • dephh
  • zekken
  • cyrocells
  • C: SyykoNT
Optic Gaming (formerly Envy)
  • FNS
  • Victor
  • crashies
  • yay
  • marved
  • C: Chet
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