OpTic Gaming and Team Envy have publically announced that the two entities will officially be merged together, with the CDL team being rebranded as OpTic Texas

After months of speculation OpTic Gaming have officially merged with Envy Gaming to create the new OpTic Texas CDL brand. Here are the details regarding the announcement.

OpTic Texas Merger Finally Announced

The announcement for the long awaited merger between OpTic Gaming and Envy Gaming came from both teams' social media pages. Talk regarding the merger had been sifting through the rumor mill for months on end, with many fans of both orgs eagerly awaiting the news.

This merger marks an historic occasion for both of these storied franchises, as it will see the OpTic brand move away from their previous partnership with NRG Esports and join their long-time frenemies Envy.

“It’s still somewhat surreal," Envy owner and founder Mike "Hastro" Rufail said regarding the merger. "Organizations are going to have to attract more eyeballs and operate a business that can scale. We’re strengthening the future of what esports will be ten years from now with the decisions we are making today. For us, this deal means we can accomplish our goals faster. Life is too short not to do this.”

What Does This All Mean

In a press release which was issued earlier today we have learned a few key bits of information. The first being that Envy will be retiring the Dallas Empire CDL brand in favor of the new OpTic Texas.

While it had been speculated that the team was originally going to be called OpTic Dallas, both teams have seen this as an opportunity to not only grow their respective brands but to further the output of Esports related outreach for the state of Texas and beyond. Envy have also acquired the OpTic Chicago CDL slot

The second, and arguably the biggest bit of information to come out of the press release, is that OpTic Gaming leader Hector "HECZ" Rodriguez will be joining the combined companies' ownership group; where he will be serving as the President of OpTic Gaming. HECZ will continue to spearhead all competitive operations and content creation efforts, as well as continuing to execute the overall vision of the OpTic the brand.

“There’s nothing I want more than having the freedom as a creator to create," Hector said. "It’s a comfort-level of trust in Mike and the investment group he’s put together that has been there for years and that I know from personal experience. Finding people you trust, and you want to build with is the most important thing for the future of OpTic.”

“We’ve competed against each other since 2008, and I have a ton of respect for Hector and what he’s built. We genuinely care about each other. We are going to be much stronger together than apart," Hastro said regarding the chance to work with his longtime friend HECZ.

Lastly, Envy will continue based out of their 21,000-square-foot headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They will continue to handle all operations related to the organization and their efforts across all their respective Esports competitions from there. The organization will continue to operate their ever-expanding content creator network out of their complex as well.

OpTic Texas Roster Revealed At Last

Alongside the announcement of the OpTic and Envy merger, we also got our first look at the OpTic Texas CDL Team. OpTic Chicago players Scump and Dashy will be joining current Dallas players Shotzzy and iLLey to make up a star-studded line-up. The team will also be welcoming back their coach Ray "Rambo" Lussier; who has his own storied past with both organizations.

Optic Texas roster:

  • Scump
  • Dashy
  • Shitzzy
  • iLLey

Both sets of players had their fair shares of ups and downs with their respective teams over the past couple of years. But following on from this merger, Envy fans and the Greenwall faithful will be hopeful of greater things to come in the upcoming Vanguard season.

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