A SEA Valorant pro has been suspended from VCT play over his involvement with a boosting service.

Riot Games has issued a competitive ruling against Ian ‘Chrysania” Chin for conspiring to create a Valorant boosting service. Chrysania, now barred from competitive play for four months, will be serving his time without a team for the upcoming VCT.

Attempt to create a Valorant boosting service thwarted

"Chrysania participated in creating a commercial boosting service that would facilitate financial arrangements between customers of the boosting service and a group of players in order to boost the MMR of the customers’ account," Riot Games said in their ruling. "Chrysania planned to promote the commercial boosting service using a Singapore based selling application that is used to market a range of goods and services across Singapore and eastern Asia."

As part of his sanction, he will not be allowed to compete or be associated with any team in VCT. This means that he is ineligible for at least the first Masters cycle, and well into qualifiers for the next.

The specific rule against Valorant rating-boosting, 7.2.9, is listed below.

7.2.9 Prohibited Matchmaking Ranking/Rating Boosting

Behavior that circumvents the matchmaking rules of the VALORANT Competitive Matchmaking mode in order to increase the Matchmaking Ranking/Rating (MMR) of a Player’s account or Riot ID. Prohibited behavior includes:

  • (a) A player allowing access to the player’s account or Riot ID by another player in order to increase the MMR of the player’s account or Riot ID;
  • (b) A player accessing another player’s account or Riot ID in order to increase the MMR of the other player’s account or Riot ID;
  • (c) A player entering a financial arrangement with another player to queue together in order to increase the MMR of either player’s account or Riot ID;
  • (d) A player repeatedly queueing with another player that has been identified as an active cheater in the VALORANT Competitive Matchmaking mode.

What teams has Chrysania played for in the past?

Chrysania is currently teamless, and that's probably for the best considering his ban. While he has publicly apologized for his actions, he will likely have trouble fielding offers now.

Previously, he played for Bleed Esports. When he left the team, he said that he left because the team was not "on the same page."

He did not have any previous experience in esports, and was active in the SEA scene only briefly. He played with a group called uWu before his pickup by Bleed Esports. They managed to upset SEA favorites Paper Rex in the VCT 2021: Malaysia & Singapore Stage 3 Challengers 2.

The players he departed Bleed alongside, Jarpix and Frostyz, were also apart of the uWu roster. They failed to really make a splash after the fact though. After missing Champions, they failed to make any notable victories in the small community cups they played in.

Riot continues to crackdown on players

Riot has always been known for issuing competitive rulings against players that are committing various wrongs. The Valorant scene has really been no different, to their credit. Unlike companies like Valve, which typically remains hands-off with situations like these. That is of course unless there are VAC ban situations and issues with overwhelming community pressure.

So, it's good to see Riot stick to their guns in this regard. An example: Nomsenpai, a player banned for 36 months for aimbotting in an official match earlier this week. The Ice Cee Jay Too roster dropped from the VCT APAC 2022 Stage 1 for their part in the scandal.

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