Valorant pro players and community reactions to VCT LOCK//IN format cover image

Valorant pro players and community reactions to VCT LOCK//IN format

Here is what the current mood is around the VCT LOCK//IN format.

It is approaching an hour since Riot Games announced the format for the first international valorant event of the year. VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo officially kicks off on February 13. Thirty-two of the best Valorant rosters in the world will be competing to win the first VCT event of the year.

The tournament will see the thirty-two sides compete in a single-elimination bracket. Meaning after the first round of action, half of the competition will be boarding their planes home after months of practice leading up to this event. Here are some of the reactions from VCT pro players and also the community.

Pro players and community react to VCT LOCK//IN format

Valorant superstar Kyrylo "ANGE1" Karasov, who recently joined Natus Vincere from FunPlus Phoenix weighed in on the fact after one round, half of the competition will be gone.

The goal really is simple for teams, if you don't want to fly to Brazil to play one best-of-three, you better make sure you win your opening series. Going home after one round will be a tough pill to swallow for many teams, some have been practising since late 2022 for this event and one bad series could mean the end of the line.

What makes things interesting for fans but frustrating for the players and coaches is the fact this will be their exposure to the new competitive meta. Meaning if you have a bad read or are slow to adapt, you are gone before you have the chance to improve.

How is Reddit reacting to the new format?

The overall sentiment on the competitive Valorant subreddit is one of shock. The reason being there is plenty of 'big games' in the opening round of the tournament. Sentinels vs Fnatic, a matchup that was once a VCT Masters Reykjavík grand final, is now going to be opening up the tournament.

Another gigantic match is Cloud9 vs Paper Rex. C9 fans should have lofty expectations for their superteam but run the risk of seeing El Diablo eliminated in the first round to a strong international side.

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