Riot Games announces LOCK//IN São Paulo format cover image

Riot Games announces LOCK//IN São Paulo format

Riot Games has announced the VCT São Paulo format which includes 32 teams!

VCT São Paulo is just weeks away! Thirty-two of the best Valorant teams from across the world will be in attendance to fight for the first Valorant international title of the year. With the tournament approaching, Riot Games has announced the VCT São Paulo format.

The announcement video sees VCT Brazil shoutcaster Guilherme "Tixnha" Cheida break down the tournament format in a short yet informative video.

The biggest bracket of the year

<em>Image courtesy of Riot Games</em>
Image courtesy of Riot Games

All thirty franchised teams from the Americas, EMEA and APAC will be in attendance at VCT São Paulo along with EDG and FPX who will be the two Chinese representatives.

To put it simply, the tournament format is a thirty-two-team single elimination bracket. VCT São Paulo will see the teams drawn into two groups which will make up both sides of the bracket. Every series up until the final four will be a best-of-three. The semi-finals and beyond will be a best-of-five.

Riot wants to maximise international games

Although the VCT São Paulo format may not be to everyone's taste as single-elimination leaves no margin for error, this is the best way to account for the number of teams in attendance over the three-week-long tournament. Leading up to the event, Riot's message has always been a simple one. Riot wants to make sure fans can watch as many international games as possible.

And while there is certainly alternative avenues Riot could have gone down, this is a fine choice and should provide some high-quality cross-region matches.

VCT São Paulo officially kicks off on February 13. will be covering the first international event of the year.

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