VALORANT developers have announced that Widejoy is being removed but fans are not happy at all. FREE WIDEJOY!

VALORANT players are begging Riot Games to not remove the Widejoy bug in the game.

This may sound strange for players to want a bug in a mechanically-focused shooter, but the bug in question is very special to the community. This bug is the inspiration behind many fan-favorite memes: Widejoy.

What is Widejoy in VALORANT?

Look at it.

Widejoy is a player card that was revealed in Episode 2 Act 2, originally known as "Rainfall." but players started calling it Widejoy since a glitch caused it to appear extra wide during the game's loading screen. This eventually led the VALORANT community to make Widejoy one of the most popular memes.

The glitch had no impact on the gameplay that followed and players loved it. Sometimes teams would all select Killjoy just to see five Widejoy on the screen. It's become a source of joy for the past two Acts but now Riot has announced that the fun is coming to an end. For now.

VALORANT players react to Riot Games removing Widejoy

A VALORANT developer announced on Twitter that Widejoy was leaving the game. According to Anna Donlon, the bug needs to be fixed although it's unclear exactly why.

Donlon added that Widejoy will be coming back to the game, although it's unclear what Widejoy will become in the future. Fans speculate that it could be a spray but so far, the community is not sure what will happen to Widejoy.

In response to Donlon's tweet, players suggested that Widejoy be made into sprays, cards, even gun skins. Maybe even an entire Widejoy gun collection. Another said that Widejoy should get a Spotify playlist, bringing the meme outside of the game.

But another player was horrified by the suggestions. They said that they didn't want Riot Games to "capitalize" on Widejoy, something that players currently had access to for free.

"Free Widejoy!" the player exclaimed.

When will Widejoy be removed from VALORANT?

Widejoy will no longer be in VALORANT come Patch 4.01.

The official 4.0 patch notes have already been edited to include Widejoy's removal.

"We love her too but we're going to have to fix that banner," Communications Strategist Jeff Landa said. "But not until Patch 4.01, so have fun!"