The VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier will get back underway on October 27.

Riot Games are looking to right the ship on the North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier after the event was postponed 'indefinitely' over COVID-19 concerns and competitive integrity issues. The competition will resume on Wednesday, October 27 at noon PDT.

The new schedule for the Last Chance qualifier can be viewed below. As you can see, Riot has chosen not to reset the bracket and instead will let 100 Thieves keep their slot in the upper bracket winner's finals. The event will be entirely online rather than the originally planned LAN event.

The new VCT NA schedule

NA LCQ - Day 1 [COMPLETED]: Tuesday, October 12

Round 1
Match 1: 100 Thieves (#1 seed) defeated Gen.G Esports (#8 seed)
Match 2: XSET (#4 seed) defeated Luminosity Gaming (#5 seed)
Round 2
Match 3: 100 Thieves defeated XSET to qualify for the Upper Final

NA LCQ - Day 2: Wednesday, October 27

Round 1
[12:00 PM PT] Match 4: FaZe Clan (#3 seed) vs. Rise (#6 seed)
[3:00 PM PT] Match 5: Version1 (#2 seed) vs. Cloud9 Blue (#7 seed)
Round 2
[6:00 PM PT] Match 6: Match 4 winner vs. Match 5 winner

NA LCQ - Day 3: Thursday, October 28

Round 2
[12:00 PM PT] Match 7: Gen.G Esports vs. Luminosity Gaming
[3:00 PM PT] Match 8: Match 4 Loser vs. Match 5 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 4: Friday, October 29

Round 3
[12:00 PM PT] Match 9: Match 6 Loser vs. Match 7 Winner
[3:00 PM PT] Match 10: XSET vs. Match 8 Winner
Upper Bracket Finals
[6:00 PM PT] Match 11: 100 Thieves vs. Match 6 Winner

NA LCQ - Day 5: Saturday, October 30

Lower Bracket Semi-finals
[12:00 PM PT] Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs Match 10 Winner
Lower Bracket Finals
[3:00 PM PT] Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs Match 11 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 6: Sunday, October 31

Grand Final - Best-of-5
[12:00 PM PT] Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner

Riot hopes to right the Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier Ship

The VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier has seen a number of issues so far, a lot of them stemming from the fact that Riot chose to run a LAN event in Los Angeles, California. There are strict COVID-19 guidelines in place in Los Angeles County which caused even the false-positive COVID-19 tests from FaZe Clan to grind the event to a halt. When combined with the issues the event faced from using an online server on LAN, and the NA LCQ was almost doomed from the very beginning. After a tense couple of days, Riot decided to postpone the event for 2 weeks.

Here's a quick rundown of the entire saga so far:

The NA LCQ will kick off on October 27 at Noon pacific as Rise takes on FaZe Clan. Keep it locked here to as we will have continuing coverage of the Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier then.

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