Due to a COVID-19 scare apparently caused by a false positive test, the Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier has been thrown into chaos.

Update: Riot Games has canceled NA LCQ matches for today while they "evaluate how to safely resume the LCQ." Matches are assumed to resume tomorrow. No word just yet on the revised schedule.

The hits just keep on coming for North American Valorant. After yesterday's server issues, the status of matches is currently unknown (either delayed or outright canceled for the day) at the NA Valorant Last Chance Qualifier following a false positive COVID-19 scare for FaZe Clan.

Details are scarce, but from what's been tweeted publicly it appears that FaZe Clan's Babybay tested positive for COVID-19, only to take another test 10 minutes later and be found negative.

The match countdown clock reset twice on the NA LCQ stream, with no official word on what's happening with today's matches. Outreach to Riot Games has so far been unfruitful, with representatives left scrambling for information on what's happening. As of press time, there's been no official communication as to what's happening, leaving both fans and insiders scratching their heads.

Players left clueless about situation

Rawkus expressed what was happening in this clip, and said that he "has no idea what's going on." The assumption seems to have been that players would transition to playing from their offices or hotels for today while quarantining due to the COVID scare.

"Corey and Andre tested positive, but then 20 minutes later tested negative," Rawkus said. "That can happen with the rapid testing and whatnot. Because of LA County's guidelines, no matter what Riot wants, because of the county, they're not allowed to play and have to quarantine. We've been hanging out with them 24/7, we all decided to go back and quarantine individually, playing from the office instead of the hotel. I assumed we would be playing but then we got notice that everything is on pause. Now we're just waiting, and I don't know what's going on."

We're still waiting for word from Riot Games on the situation and will update as soon as it's made clear if matches are just delayed or if they've been canceled for the day.

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