First look at Valorant Mobile

According to leaks and sources on Twitter, Riot Games has begun playtesting for Valorant Mobile in China. The information shows alleged gameplay, user interface and video of the loading screen for the mobile game in Chinese.

Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile game play| Credit: Pritykin Andrew

Another image shows what is alleged to be the Agent selection screen that players will go to before a game.

Credit: @DannyINTEL
Credit: @DannyINTEL

After the massive success of Valorant on PC, Riot announced plans to bring the game to mobile during its one year anniversary in 2021. Since then, fans have eagerly been waiting for updates on the mobile game. The leaked China tests are the first players have seen on the game's progress so far.

In an interview with Polygon, Valorant executive producer, Anna Dolon mentioned that the team was looking to create a "unique-to-mobile experience" for Valorant mobile players.

For us, whatever you get out of playing on PC, you should get out of playing Valorant on mobile. But we have to recognize that the mobile player need is different.”


She also stated that the game was in the works and there were no plans for cross-play.

Valorant Mobile beta coming soon

While there is no official launch date for the game yet, the gameplay leaks suggest that it is not far off. Moreover, in February, credible data miner Valor Leaks revealed that the Valorant Mobile beta would soon be available to players.

He also explained that the Beta was probably months away as the invites still didn't exist. Asides from this, Riot has continued to ramp up the Mobile team with several job postings for the game in 2022.

Mobile shooter games on the rise.

The Valorant mobile play test leaks come just a day after Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Mobile. It is also the sixth mobile shooter game expected to be released in either 2022 or 2023. The decision to make mobile versions of huge games like Warzone, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, and Battlefield signifies exciting times for mobile gaming.

Before now, PUBG, Free Fire and Call of Duty have dominated the scene leaving players and content creators with few options. The introduction of these games will create a more competitive mobile scene. It will also increase the player base of mobile gaming and esports tournaments.

Additionally, Riot is no stranger to mobile games and with the popularity of the PC version, Valorant Mobile will be a fierce contender when released.

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